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Welcome to Skiboards University!

Nowhere else in the world will you find this much info about skiboards (skiblades, snowblades, short skis) all in one place except our university! We've spent decades compiling information so that you can be as informed and excited about the sport of skiboarding as we are.


Learn About Skiboards:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Skiboards?

Why Try Skiboards Now!

New to Skiboarding

Learn to Ski in One Day!

Skiboards, Skiblades or Snowblades: What's the Difference?

Unschooling on the Slopes

No More Ski Lessons - Just Have Fun!

Salomon Snowblades - Super Fun, Super Easy to Ride

• Freestyle Skiboarding Techniques

Sick Flips on Skiboards

Tips for the Beginner

Tricks Explained

Skate on Skiboards1


Buying Guides:

How To Choose the Right Skiboards

Choosing the Right Skiboard/Ski Boot Size

• Skiboards - like skates on snow - buying tips. 

Skiboard Helmet Buying Guide

All About Skiboard Bindings

Essential Gear

Skiboard Tuning Guide

Ski Equipment: Money Saving Tips

Skiboard Travel Packing Tips



First time Reviews

General Skiboarding Reviews

Summit Skiboards Testimonials

Memorable Moments

50 and Over - Hear Their Accounts

Skater's Articles

Family Fun

More Family Fun with Skiboards

Finally a Sport the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Skiboards On Aspen, CO

Super Sucky Ski Moments

Skiboards in Australia

Mountains of Mistakes

Most Embarassing Long Ski Moments

Rad Dads Shred Massive Sand Dune on Summit Skiboards


In the News:

Skiboards - The True Ski Alternative

Skiboards: A Total Blast!

Skiboarding - Hottest New Ski Adventure

All About the Awesome Sport of Skiboarding

Skiboarding king explains why-everyone-seems-to-hate-on-this-sport

Snowblades - Big on Fun

"Short and Sweet"

Extra Credit Reading

The Next Big Thing on the Ski Slopes?

Press Page

Bumps for Boomers Groomed for Balance

Skiboards Online - Ski Industry's Latest Trend

Skiboards: A New Thrill-a-Minute Craze

"Into the Zone" Series by Doc Roberts

Into the Zone

Breakthrough Psychology and the Zone

Expanding the 'Skating the Zone' Experience to the Mountains

Peak Experiences and the Art of Skiboarding

Welcome Back: The Abyss and Awakening of 2020

Articles by Doc Roberts, Phd. CEO


Non-Release Skiboard Binding Instructions

Riser Plates on Skiboards - Are they better with Ski Release Bindings?

* Which Skiboard Base Materials are Best?

Keep Your Skiboard Bases in Prime Shape

Skiboard Boot Conversion Chart

Ski Boot Sole Length - Where to Find It?

Skiboards Detuning Procedures

Ski Boot/Snowboard Boot Summer Storage

Ski Binding DIN Setting Chart

•  Summit Skiboards Ski Bindings Mounting Position

Watching the Mountain Weather

Oxygen Supplementation

Doctor Don's Tech Talk

Technine Custom Snowboard Binding Mounting Instructions

Skiboard Bindings Adjustment, Boot Fit and DIN Setting Calculator

Caring for Your Goggles


Speciality Pages:

Skiboards Blog

Instant Skiing, Instant Fun

Backcountry Page

Family Page

• Kid's Page

Skater's Page

Women's Page

Senior's Page

Skiboards Pro Shop

Skiboarding Photo Gallery

Video Clips

Skiboards Museum

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