Welcome to the Senior’s Skiboard Page

Welcome to the Senior’s Skiboard Page.

• Want to Ride the Slopes Better than Even When You Were in Your Twenties, YET feel like you’re still in your twenties?
• Want to have more fun, less hassle and be safer on the slopes?
• Tired of all those lessons or being stuck on beginner or intermediate runs?

Now you can!! Skiboards Bring a Whole New Dimension to the “Art of Skiing”. Fun, Comfort, Control and Liberation.

Instant Skiing and Instant Fun is what skiboards are all about.

Why waste time stuck on beginner or intermediate slopes and in lessons year after year?
If you’re older, tired of all those lessons, and just want to have fun, skiboards are the ticket! Easy to
carry, much easier on the body, they turn and stop when you want and you feel free to go places
you never could on long skis. You get to hang with your family and have a great time all over the mountain.

Everyone knows that certain sports like skiing can be very hard on the body. Some older people wonder if it’s too late to start skiing now. Well not true. Hear what some of our customers over 50 are saying about skiboarding. You will be surprised! By
the way, send us your testimonials and we will post them to let others know how easy and fun skiboards
are at any age.

Here is what a few senior skiboarders have to say:

Better Late Than Never

Hi Skiboarders!

Early last week I took delivery of my Snowjam 75’s and on Sunday I had the opportunity to try them.
I will turn 58 in a month and have been skiing on and off since introduction to the sport in my mid-thirties.
With my late start in skiing and infrequent participation, I never did advance beyond novice level, and
thought I would be relegated to those green and blue cirles forever. All of that changed on that Sunday
at Spring Mountain in Eastern Pennsylvania, where the two youngest of my three daughters and I
discovered this thing called a terrain park. My daughters are quite new to skiing and still apprehensive
about anything new or challenging, and they were on conventional skis. When they saw what I could do
with the skiboards, they relaxed and became much more bold just from watching me have a good time
on the Snowjams.

The skiboards actually improved their skiing, and they never even had them on. I believe Doc’s
recommendation of the Snowjam 75’s was a good one. I felt a little bit awkward at first, but balance came
quickly and was followed by a tremendous feeling of freedom on the slopes. I could maneuver much more easliy and quickly, making small corrections here and there that I couldn’t think of doing on skis. Jumps and turns were no problem. I wish I got these earlier in the season. Our outing on Sunday was in fact the last operations at Spring Mountain for the 2000-2001 season, and I have to say the three of us had a blast.

Thanks again to Doc and the rest of you at Skiboards.com for getting me started on this.

Age: 58

I purchased a pair of 90cm Salomon ski blades at the start of the season – I’m now a convert – and have
thrown away my skiis! As a 60 year old with some arthritis, these are the best thing for getting mobility
when long skis are too hard to turn. Thanks for taking the trouble to read this.

Age: 60
Park City, UT

Your Skiboards Don’t Know How Old You Are!

This phrase came to me today and it is quite relevant to us maturing skiboarders and skiers. For me
riding skiboards opened up a whole new world, no more bulky cumbersome equipment, no more worrying
about how to get down the mountain, pure freedom and fun. Yes, the fun. That is what life is about –
enjoying your life. Your skiboards don’t hold you accountable for your age – they don’t care. They just
want you to live your life to the fullest and be ridden by someone who is young in their heart. There are
no limitations on the person who rejoices in their life and is willing to try new things. The nice thing about
aging is that you just don’t care what others think anymore. You realize this is your life to live and if you
want to ride your way and enjoy your day, then so be it!

Doc Roberts
President, Skiboards.com

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