Caring For Your Ski Goggles

Even though your ski goggles are constructed with the highest quality materials, you still need to protect them. Lenses can be replaced in most goggle brands, but why mess with that? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for your ski goggles.

First, when you get snow on your goggles, don’t wipe them off with your glove or rag. Snow is made of abrasive ice crystals which will scratch the goggle lenses. Best to shake the snow off, let them dry off naturally or use a special lens cloth to wipe them clean.

Fogging – make sure you use a special cloth to wipe the inside of your goggle lenses also. There are actual fog cloths that can do some good. Best if fogged though is to let air get to them and dry naturally. Again, you don’t want to scratch the inside of your lens either.

If you have problems with your goggle lenses popping out regularly, try a simple silicon sealer to hold them in place.

Make sure to put your goggles back in their goggle bag when not in use. This protects them especially from the dreaded crease or crack.

Goggles should last a long time if cared for. It also of course depends on the quality of the goggles you purchase. Better lenses last longer, cheaper goggles don’t usually hold up to normal wear and tear.

One more thing – make sure you purchase goggles that fit your head and helmet. Most have adjustable straps but some goggles are made for larger heads, others for smaller heads. What you won’t like is goggles that are too tight and give you a headache. Usually goggle descriptions are quite good at describing what will fit you best.

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