The Next Big Thing on the Ski Slopes?

There’s a quiet revolution on the slopes. What’s The Next Big Thing on the Ski Slopes? Skiboards are the products getting most of the attention in this revolution, but if you don’t know much about them yet, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Skiboards are a relatively new phenomena, but according to followers of the sport, these exist totally under the radar. Why don’t you hear more about them? Simple – they are so much fun, so easy, cheaper and usually don’t require lessons. So why would they get publicity from the Ski Industry who thrives on the newest ski, the more expensive got-to-have-it products, and of course, lessons, lessons, lessons. Then there is the bravado of having to pay your dues to get respect. What will ski instructors do if their students take off having fun right from the first day?

Yes, it is a paradox. Wouldn’t the ski resorts want to increase their numbers with more people excited to hit the slopes. Yes and no. This sport and product will be the buzz one day perhaps, but for now the ski industry relies on the old mindsets. Habit really drives the sport of snowriding and there is rarely room for something new. Skiboards don’t fit the mold. They may look odd, like short skis, but discover for yourself. These are not short skis. This is a whole new way of freedom on the slopes.

So, is it the next big thing on the slopes. Not sure, but “So what?” I say. If you are like most people, deep down, you don’t fit in anyway. Who cares about image when you have the chance to have fun, ride any terrain on the mountain and bond with your kids. Easy maneuvering is the beauty of skiboarding. It completely eliminates the long, frustrating learning curve of skiing. Non-skiers can reach intermediate levels in one day on these skiboards.

However, you need to feel a little adventurous and find out for yourself. Skiboards are available from our website: You can also rent by mail and try them out first. You don’t have to give up your skis, just call it a fun day of opening up new possibilities for the sake of living a little.

Doc Roberts
Skiboarder and president, Skiboards Superstore, Inc.

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