Essential Gear for Skiboards

We get asked all the time what is the essential gear for skiboards you need. Given that this sport is super easy to learn right from the first day, even for beginners, you only need the basics. Here is what you need to have a successful and fun time on the ski slopes.

1. Skiboards

While any will be fun, you can check our buying guides for advice on how to choose the right skiboards for you.

2. Ski/skiboard boots

You have two options: ski boots or snowboard boots. You can purchase our special Alpina Skiboard Boots for a great upright stance and maximum comfort on the slopes or use your own ski boots. These ski boots work with release bindings or non-release bindings. You can also choose to use snowboard boots, again your own or buy our Matrix Snowboard Boots. These work with snowboard bindings. You can use your own snowboard bindings, but will need Snowboard Binding adaptor kit with Risers that allow the best performance on skiboards. We also offer our special custom Technine Snowboard Bindings that are designed specifically for use with skiboards.

3. Bindings

Your choices are regular step-in release bindings like our Atomic and Salomon bindings that work with all ski boots or non-release bindings. The other is snowboard bindings so you can use snowboard boots.

Optional Gear:

Tuning supplies – we highly recommend tuning your own skiboards. We have the Quick Mini Tune Kit.

Poles – some folks like to use poles for balance, getting through lift lines, powder days or climbing. Telescopic poles offer the chance to use poles when you want to and put them in your backpack when you don’t.

Goggles – you will need good goggles that don’t fog, give maximum clarity and filter UV light like our Goggles.

Helmet – always a great idea just in case and you can now get them with audio kits for talking on the phone, music, etc. Check out our helmets.

Gloves – your need your hands warm as well as having great fitting, long lasting gloves. If you need gloves you can do no better than Swany gloves which we carry in our shop.

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