– Who We Are – Who We Are: We began as Powderskate in the Fall of 1996, a small, simple six page website developed to share our enthusiasm for the sport of skiboarding. A few months later in late 1996, when the name ‘skiboards’ was coined, was launched. has been and is still, a family owned and operated business motivated by a passion for the sport of skiboarding. This passion continues to be the foundation of our business today. Our highest commitment is to serve our growing worldwide skiboarding community. We experience the same joy as we did in the beginning when talking with our customers and always love hearing from you, whether it is your first time or 100th. On our website you can learn all about this awesome sport of skiboarding.

Doc Roberts, president and owner, began skiboarding on the Original Big Foot by Kneissl in 1996. Being a long term skater (he was a national figure skating champion for many years), he immediately saw the connection between skating and skiboarding. He converted to skiboards after his first day, giving away his long sticks, never to return to them. It was this experience that started a new career for him. He has a PH.D. in Self Actualization Psychology with an emphasis on Sports Psychology. Though his position has evolved from doing everything himself in the early days, Doc still makes sure that he has ample time to do product testing each season and likes to pitch in when the shipping department gets busy. Doc most enjoys talking with customers so you will regularly find him answering phones and emails. Previously, Doc’s career, before he was drawn more and more into the skiboarding business, was as a Breakthrough Seminar leader for Fortune 500 companies as well as large venues around the country. His focus was on assisting people to live to their fullest potential in life. As he says, he didn’t realize at first how much skiboarding allows individuals to break free and begin to open up new possibilities, not only on the slopes, but that it also carries over to their daily life, continually inspiring them to live to their greatest potential. It became the focus of his doctoral dissertation in fact.

Doc serves as President and CEO of and is also president of Summit Skiboards (started in 2002). With his commitment to promote the amazing sport of skiboarding, he wanted to make the very best skiboards so everyone could truly experience the full potential of skiboards. He’s been involved in the design and innovation of Summit Skiboards, the best riding, highest performing skiboards on the planet, rivaling long skis in performance, besting them in maneuverability and price. Besides skiboarding, Doc loves skating (inline, roller and ice), is a referee and NSO for local Roller Derby girl teams, likes hiking and 4 wheel jeeping in the Colorado backcountry and having fun with his kids.

Cameron Cox is our marketing director or he likes to say Promoter of Fun. He is a long time skater and embraced skiboards as the perfect transition for skaters of all types. He manages our social media, communications, outreach to shops worldwide and of course everything else!

Leah Starr is our Operations Manager. Also a star on the slopes on her Summit Sk8 96 skiboards. She is also our skiboard designer. She manages day to day operations to make sure we ship the same or next business day, product inspection, inventory, waxing, boxing and mounting and so much more!

Richard Dubois is our Warehouse Manager. His job consists of processing, mounting and shipping all of the orders. He is an excellent ski tech and is quite skilled in mounting bindings as well. He is just super handy to have around!

Ryker and Zenn Roberts are part of this family business and both skiboarders as well, having started out on skiboards at age 5 and still riding today. They help out in numerous ways, both being up on the latest internet technologies of course.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the following staff who make our business run smooth including our various programmers and developers, shipping reps, and Patti, our wonderful bookkeeper. Lastly, we also want to acknowledge our many friends and family who have supported us from the beginning days. This is truly a family owned business started from scratch to promote the fun of riding the ski slopes (and everywhere else) on skiboards.

We are Skiboarding!

Skiboards have always been our passion. We carefully select the skiboards and skiboard accessories that we carry, using a combination of price, performance, uniqueness, and quality of construction. We don’t carry everything, we just carry the best. Our job is to test and re-test everything that we sell (especially on powder days!) to ensure that they perform up to our high standards and yours. We are committed to offering the finest products on the market. Check out our wide selection of premium high performance skiboards including our best skiboards – Summit Skiboards – and skiboarding accessories and be prepared for pure outrageous fun.

The values that form the foundation to our business are based on a love of life, treating others as we would want to be treated and believing in the magnificent potential that lies within each of us. We believe that skiboarding is on the leading edge if snowriding. It offers new creative possibilities that more cumbersome equipment doesn’t usually allow. In short, skiboards allow individuals to push the envelope and create new ways of getting down the slopes. We find that our customers are truly pioneers who are not afraid to try new things and break out of conventional mindsets. In short, skiboarding represents freedom, to ride any way your creativity flows, usually without lessons, and opens up the entire mountain to everyone in a very short time. Learn more about this amazing sport of skiboards with our Skiboards University.

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