Super Suckiness on the Slopes on Skis

The first time I went skiing, I was doing o.k. Then while I was going up the ski lift on the bunny hill, the stick of the lift got caught on my jacket, flipped me, than dragged me the rest of the way up. On the way up a group of children tried to help but instead they skied over my body. Finally an attendant came to my rescue but I was already at the top. Next I went to the beginner hill. I got on the lift o.k. but when I went to get off, I jumped on the guy’s back in front of me and took the both of us out. I got to the top of the hill, started down and then fell the rest of the way down with one leg stuck behind me. It was a very painful day. I then proceeded to one by one take out the rest of the people on the hill. I never went back to that resort again.

Melanie, Ohio

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My date, Thereasa, had aggreed to try skiing for the first time in her life (luckily for me it would be the last time as well). Being the consumate gentleman I decided that it was my responsibility to pay for the entire day. After spending an hour or so renting and equiping my date I the lead her to the bunny slope to show her the basics. It was nearly two hours before Thereasa even picked up on the basic “snow plow”….off to the slopes. At the chair lift we saw the signs warning of frostbite conditions and cautioning us to not stand in one spot for more than 5 minutes. Our turn came and the chair scooped us up to take us to the top of Sugarbush. Apparently my date had not anticipated the fact that in order to get to the “TOP” we had to leave the ground. Seeing that we were destined to reach some high altitude, my date began to squirm in the chair, swinging us like a pendulum. After calming her down I then realized the second of my most formidable tasks…the chair lift dismount. I thought that she would have more trouble with it than she did but I was amazed to see her deftly alight from the chair with ease. From there it went down hill.

We made our way to a less crowded area and made our way down, me leading the way. I skied down 15-20 feet, turned and waiting, shivering for her to do likewise. I waited……and waited…..and waited……”What’s the matter?” I yelled. She stood motionless. Then she made her move. All two feet of it! There she lay just shy of the peak waving at me to come to her aid. The love struck fool that I was told me to go to her. The freezing, rational dude that I was told me to pretend not to see her and ski on. I went to her aid. Taking off my ski’s I began making my way back up to her. Once there she told me that she could not go on. I replied that there was no other way of getting down.

Her reply….”WE could walk!” “WE!” NO WAY!!! I AINT DOIN” IT. So as we hiked down the slope, me carrying her and my ski’s I felt like the biggest idiot of all time. That was of course until I dropped one of her ski’s. With the brakes up and locked in place, it was only a matter of time before it achived mach one. I watched in horror as it accelerated, screaming for people to watch out. That was when it hit the bottom of the slope. The bottom of the slope that a formed a natural ramp. The natural ramp that allowed my rented ski to cut threw the air like a fighter plane. It was almost a thing of beauty to watch and hear this missle cut through the air until it reached it’s appex. It then made a slow roll on it’s side and began a crash dive into a forty foot snow bank. Gone was the ski. I turned to her and knowing that she would soon burst into tears, suggested that we maybe try a warm weather sport.

Maybe scuba diving!

Author Unknown

Hey! I’ve had some real sucky moments at skiing. Especially about two years ago at Pajarito-or however you spell it. Well, I was excited to ski that day, but it wasn’t my day. I would start on the top and trip within one or two turns and fall head first down to the bottom of the hill. I went into the woods once, and just barely didn’t fly off a hill. I lost one of my skis and one of my poles into the forest on the second to last slope we were going to do, so I had to walk down to the bottom. It was dark before I got there. That was proably my suckiest moment, but I am better now that I tried skiboards. They are 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times easier man!

Nick, Albuquerque, New Mexico

First time ever on some long skis. I was up at Big Bear Mountain. Right where my Family’s cabin was a huge hill. My cousin convinced me to go down it. So I did. I flew down the hill and slammed into my dad’s parked car. I had a huge bump on the top of my forehead. And everyone laughed at me. Damn that sucked!


It was my fourth day on skis. I was finally getting to the point where it was fun. I was just about to get on the lift, when this snowboarder came barreling down the hill totally out of control. He ran right into me and flattened me. Then he yelled, “Watch it,” and hurried down the hill. When I got up I didn’t know where I was or why I was there. When it came back to me I realized that he had broken my brand new $80 poles. That really sucked.

Matt, Utah

My worst moment on a pair of skis was about 3 yeas ago at Brookvail,in P.E.I Canada.I was going in and around trees and the was not much snow on the ground. There was a pipe that stretched across the hill,of course I never saw it until I tripped over it. My skis broke and I went head first into a large birch tree. Good thing I wore a helmet or I would not be here today.

Daniel, Pennsylvania

I am sorry to disappoint you but I never had a bad day of skiing, until recently at Tremblant, Quebec when I rented a pair of Snowblades. Since I am a shaped-ski fanatic who loves to carve, and I am very experienced at rollerblading as well, I thought that Snowblades would be amusing to try. Besides, Tremblant had an early season promotion that gave you the first two hours free with any “snow toys”.

Well I had a blast! I took these things everywhere, laying down clean arcs at speeds that I can only dream of on rollerblades. I admit that I was showing off a little, but I felt invincible on these short, funny things. After two hours of wild and serious fun (that should really be illegal for anyone my age – did I mention that I am almost 37 years old?), I returned the Snowblades with the intention to rent them for a full day, on the following day.

Still flying high after the morning experience, I grabbed my Viper X 9.9 skis with the full intention to rip the mountain to shreds – just like I did in the morning. But then reality hit. And it came in form of a physics lesson: 90cm boards are easier to handle than 184cm boards. Period. No, I did not fall, or forget to ski, or suddenly ski like a beginner. But gone were the quick, light feeling in the feet, the feeling of freedom and the feeling that I am invincible on snow. I had a lousy afternoon, on a perfect December day, skiing on a beautiful mountain. THAT SUCKS!

I still continue to ski and love every minute of it, but when I want to play (and I mean serious play) I now turn to those short funny things and get that invincible feeling again.

Tom, Ontario

I was skiing for my first time and suddenly a bear jumped out of the woods! I tried to ski faster, but it was my first time, and I lost control and rolled. When I finally stopped rolling, the bear approached me, and I remembered to act dead. So then as I thought the bear was going to eat me, instead he just took the sandwich from my pocket! I was so scared.

Mike, Massachusetts

The Summitt at Snoqualmie Pass, January 1995: The Madame de Stae, in a letter in 1800, once said “One must, in one’s life, make a choice between boredom and suffering.” And on that fateful day, I chose suffering. It began with a plan, as most things do, two guys, two girls, a mountain and gravity. My friend and myself, in an unending quest to impress women in ever more creative and painful ways, agreed to try skiing for the first time. Our rental “expert” was something less than attentive, but guaranteed he’d done a good job fitting us and setting our bindings. So there we sat, somehow coaxed to the top of a hill well above our skill level, but then again, women have that power. The ladies led the charge, and, tentatively, we followed. It was a graceful hill, following the edge of a rather steep dropoff, but it was easy enough. We were keeping up nicely, but as they say, pride cometh before a fall, and to my astonishment, and utter horror, my ski separated completely from my boot (I could just picture the rental guy laughing about it at that very moment), even worse, the convenient break that prevents the skis from going into orbit didn’t go down. So, the ski, having a mind of its own, careened down the hill, startling the objects of our affection (I can only imagine what went through their minds). I on the other hand, possessing one ski and the balance of a drunken sailor, evaluated my options and decided to bail, without first acknowledging the presence of the aforementioned “steep dropoff” which had developed into more of a cliff. To make a long story short, the short fall was long. It took half an hour to drag my battered body back up to the trails, and then another hour to hike back to the lodge with my broken skis. I curse the day skis will get the better of me again, and I look forward to either winning or purchasing a pair of skiboards (with secure bindings!).

Andrew, WA

I was enjoying myself on the slopes when this jerk kept passing my going a 100 mph on a family trail. This guy was a real jerk and would not slow down even when I was lying on the trail after I had fallen. The guy sprayed snow in my face and continued on. When I reached the bottom I saw all of the Sugarloaf ski patrol standing around a guy who had hit a tree. You guessed it, it was the jerk with a death wish for speed. The guy had swerved to avoid an inexperienced skier in his way and slammed into a tree. The carted him away behind a snowmobile and took him to the hospital. The guy had broken both of his legs and got a concussion. This was one hell of a moment because it didn’t make me want to ski the rest of the day and a totally wasted lift ticket.

Zac, Pennsylvania

One day at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort in Oregon as I was skiing my first run and coming down to the chairlift I caught the front of my ski under a tree root. My bindings were set as high as they went so they didn’t come off. I flipped on to my and kept rolling down the steep grade until I hit a tree square on. The crash hurt but the worst thing was that I couldn’t ski for the rest of the weekend and I had to just sit in the condo and do homework.

Cole, Oregon

I’m a decent skier but had never tried to snowboard until a few years ago. A group of friends was making a day trip to a local mountain in Southern California. The snowboarders of the group, who believed that snowboarding kicked ass over skiing, convinced me to strap on my first snowboard. I asked them if I should take a lesson, but was told that with their help, learning to snowboard would be so easy I’d have it down on the first run.

Starting off slowly on the beginner run I managed to make it off the lift okay. Going down the “bunny slope” (from hell), however, took me about an hour as I fell down the hill more than I snowboarded, and that’s with all the tips and “lessons” from my friends. Falling down face first coming off the lift the second time didn’t give me much confidence for my second run. Like the first run, I made my way down the hill sliding on my ass more than on the snowboard.

About halfway down, my ‘friends’ said they would meet me at the bottom of the run and left me by myself. Having no idea of how to really control where I was going, I ended up where the snowmakers were going. I got stuck there for a while, fake snow falling down like a blizzard. I finally unstrapped the board and walked over to where I could get a fresh start. When I finally got off my ass at bottom of the slope, about an hour after starting the second run, my friends were nowhere in sight. A skier from the group told me that they ditched me to go to the snowboard park. When they came back, the said they left me because they thought I was doing well. I was pissed off, sore and frustrated and haven’t snowboarded since.

Michael, California

About two years ago, I tried skiing for the very first time. My suckiest moment came that day. First, I lined up for the lift, but I was to far ahead. I tried getting back to the line, but before I knew it the chair decked me in the head. So I finally got up and went up the lift. I got off and started to do O.K. So I decided to hit a slope. Little did I know, I went down the mogul part. I tried to ski across to the flats, but I just started going faster down. After about 20 feet down, my skis crossed and I flipped over, smacked my head off a mogul, and slid all the way down and hit a “slow” sign. After about ten minutes, the ski patrol came and took me away. The Seven Springs Ski Patrol scared me to death by putting me in a body brace. But I walked out with a bruised arm and a huge bump on my head.

Scott, Pennsylvania

My worst experience skiing was my first time out. It was at Mt. Creek in New Jersey and I went with 3 other friends. Two of them tried snowboarding and me and my other friend wanted to try skiing. We first went to the bunny hill and I was holding onto the rope going along fine when my skis crossed and I fell, but still held onto the rope for some reason. I was being dragged and knocked down a few people behind me. I finally got to the top and went down…that was a mistake…I couldn’t steer right so I ran into my friend head first. We then wanted to go onto the mountain so we went up halfway. I tried getting off the ski lift and fell on my face. The guy had to stop the lift for me.. I felt so dumb. On the way down I was steering to get out of the way of stopped snowboarders and I flipped twice then rolled down the mountain. I then realized I had no skis on. I searched for a half an hour looking for them so I wouldn’t have to pay the rental people. The worst part was at the end of our trip..I was on the lift and I didn’t know there was a safety bar so I saw my ski was detached and just hanging there so I leaned forward to grab it and fell of the lift and flipped over. Luckily it was at the end of the lift so it was only about 10 feet high. I ended up breaking my wrist by the end of the day. It was my worst ski experience.

Ryan, New Jersey

My worst experience happened when my family and I were skiing at Lutsen in northern Minnesota when I was eight years old. I felt like a hot shot after completing advanced ski lessons. My instructor said I was good enough for expert lessons.

After the lessons I looked for my parents but they weren’t around so I confidently took the gondola to a more difficult ski area. As I was skiing down a black diamond run I headed down a steep narrow run with two fences hanging on the edge of a powder ledge and a wall of rock on the other side of the run. As I was trying to turn to slow down I fell off the ledge into the fences, I was completely tangled in the fence and was dangling in the air about twenty feet above the ground, I frantically started to yell for help. No one came by and it began to grow dark. Finally, after ten minutes a family of skiers stopped and carefully untangled me. That was the worst experience I had to explain to my proud parents.

Robert, Age 13, Minnesota

My suckiest moment as a skier was about 14 years ago at Big Boulder. I was 12, and having a pretty good day for my second time at the slopes. With the bunny slope mastered, I boldly took the lift to the blue square. (A Poconos, Pennsylvania blue square, you) I got off the lift, and started my run. A little wobble here, a slip there, but not too bad. I decided to take the cut-back back to the bunny slope, excited to tell everyone about my adventure. Turning to enter the cut, I wiped out on a patch of ice. I picked myself up, and as I stepped into my last binding, I heard a panicked voice cry out from behind me. “Look out!” I turned, just in time to catch the edge of a rental ski in the face. Not to worry, though, no stitches. Just a lot of blood. And just my luck, it wasn’t some bunny on her first day out.

Don, New Jersey

When I was about ten, I was skiing in Wyoming with my parents. We all were getting tired so we called it a day. We decided to take a trail that led back to our condo. On one side of the trail there was some woods and on the other side there was a hill. So about half way down the trail I saw something out of the corner of my eye coming down the hill. My parents were screaming for me too stop but I didn’t have enough time. I turned and looked and there was a huge moose running at me. The moose got to me and ran right in front of me. It missed me by about a foot.


My suckiest moment as a skier happened on a school ski trip to blue mountain ski area last January. We were skiing on a blue circle trail so I figured I could hot dog it a little, but I took a corner too fast and ended up tumbling down the hill. The next thing I knew my skis were still on, but I couldn’t get my bindings off because my poles were stuck underneath me and my hands were in a position where I couldn’t get them free. All of my friends skied off and left me there where I had to wait for someone to help me get unstuck. I didn’t break any bones, but that was the worst ski experience I ever had.


My suckiest moment as a skier would have to be January 7, 1998. (The day after Sonny Bono died) I went to Hunter Mountain with my friend who has never skied before. After showing her the basics on the bunny hill, I figured I’d take her up on the beginner lift. Now on the day Hunter did not have the greatest conditions. There was not much snow on the loading dock of the lift, you kinda had to jump a few steps to the lift. Getting off was a bigger problem, without much snow to glide on you had to put in a little more effort to get off. So our first run was fine. The second time up as I was getting off my edge caught and I fell. No big deal I thought. I laughed and made my way to get up when SMACK!!!!! The bottom bar of the chair lift smacked me on the back of my head. I flew to the ground face first. I was holding my head screaming in pain until first aid came up. He asked me to move my hand. I did as he said and heard him say oh my god! I looked at my blood drenched glove and blacked out. The next thing I remember I was strapped down on a sled with an oxygen mask on. I went to Kingston Hospital where I got 10 staples put in my head. They then released me. On the way home I kept passing out. I went to a hospital by my house where I was diagnosed with a severe concussion. They said I should have never been released. I spent the night there, but they had no rooms left. I was put on a bed in the hallway. I was out of there in two days and everything is ok now. I hope I never have to go through something like that again!

Tonia, New York

When I was 12 in 1997 at Butternut in MA ,I was skiing down a strail whith my used ski’s and boots. I was going along and then I wiped out. I got back up and then started skiing again. Everything seemed fine but then my ski boot completely fell apart. It just fell apart and I was skiing with one ski for a few seconds, the I went flying off trail. I had to walk down the mountain and everyobdy that saw me on the chair lift was laughing at me.

Eric, Mystic, CT

I’m a Connecticut dweller and as such do not have many opportunities to ski. A couple of years ago, maybe two and a half, I tried to ski again. I say again because I had tried at many other mountains (if you could call them that) in Connecticut, particularly Powder Ridge, and failed miserably. So, here I was on Mt. Snow, Vermont, with a good friend of mine who enjoyed skiing. So I told him I’d go and try and learn to ski again. After grabbing all this gear that I had no clue how to put on, I headed for the slopes. Now everyone was telling me “Skiing is so easy, you’ll pick it up in no time”. So, I go out there strutting my stuff and we decide to hit a decent blue that was maybe a mile and a half long. Well…let’s just say it was a total disaster! The supposedly easy to learn “snowplow” was evidently very hard for me to learn even w/ lessons. So I spent near 45 minutes to 60 minutes on this ONE blue trail trying to get down it by weaving back and forth and only able to stop by crashing. My friends were all ready to give up, even my brother who came along. Luckily, I managed to figure out the dreaded “snowplow” and got down the rest of the trail relatively safely. Let’s just say that I spent most of the day in the lounge for that day 🙂 Currently, I enjoy skiing a lot but still can’t get done perfect turns or moguls so I’m turning to skiboarding. I hope my story was entertaining! And for all those beginners to skiing, let me just say, keep at it!

Michael, Connecticut

The worst moment in skiing had to be last year, around January 15th or so, and it was night skiing, so about 7:00 pm. It was at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was like my third time skiing or so. I was learning pretty good. But instead of sticking to the intermediates, i had to get gutsy, and try the big stuff. But it was on this double black diamond called white lightning. It had a 70¡ pitch and moguls the size of cars. So my friend convinced me to go down. Thinking i was good, and he said the moguls stop you if you fall. So i decided to go. We go to the top and i looked down. I almost sh*t my pants. You couldn’t see the bottom. Just mogul after mogul. So i went about 10 feet down and dissapeared into the mogul field. Couldn’t see my friend, who was parralleling down, and laughing. I decided to stop, but my ski popped out, and there i went. Rolled down 800 ft. of mogul slope. When i got to the bottom, there was a group of people laughing, and included were these hot girls that i knew that i bragged i could ski everything. My skiies were still up the slope and i was a mess. It was terrible.

Matt, Old Forge, PA

My worst time on skis was up on Snoqualmie Pass. I was skiing down Julies Chair when I got caught in a groove, my skis and poles went flying all over the place. Finally when I stopped sliding down the hill I had to get up and literally hike halfway up the run to gather my skis and poles. From there I slid down the run carrying one ski and both of my poles in one arm and the other ski I used to sit on sliding down to the bottom.

Author Unknown, Kirkland, WA

My suckiest moment as a skier was Feb. 7, 1999. That weekend I went on a trip to June Mountain, CA.. The first day the conditions were alright, other than the 60-80mph. winds that closed the mountain in the afternoon. That night it RAINED (yeah, that does great things for the snow). The next morning we went to the mountain anyways. Shortly after we got there it started snowing… GREAT CONDITIONS. I did a couple warm-up runs with my friend, and then got her to go up to the top. At the top we skiied down through the little “bordertown park” (marked doubled-diamond). No big deal, I had a great time…Jumps, deep powder, you couldn’t hurt yourself if you tried. We finished that run and got onto an intermidiate run. We were crusin’ down making long carves, trying to find the bumps. I slowed down to wait for her, and when I made a simple LITTLE turn my ski popped off. Since we were in the powder my ski stopped right under me. When I fell, I landed on the edge of the ski and injured my knee. I got up, stretched out my leg, looked down, and saw blood on the snow. Minor-cut right? I skiied down. I got to ski patrol, walked in. When I pulled back my pants I was able to see my patella… this was through all the blood and the 4in.[length]-1/2in. [wide & deep] gash across the top of the knee. I spent the next five hours in the ER getting stitched-up, only to get on the chartered bus and ride another five hours home, in which many people kicked my leg passing down the isle, and one larger woman ended up falling on me as the bus turned a corner. Skiiboards would’ve stayed on my feet.

Robert, West Hills, CA

First some history: I grew up on the East coast and skied in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Not great snow, but I wasn’t a great skier either.

A few years back I attended a convention in Salt Lake City in March. I figured I’d skip out for a day and try “the best snow on Earth” at Park City. Rented car, rented gear, and a pocketful of money for lift tickets and sundries and I was off.

When I got there I was told that the resort was closed for the day! Apparently conditions were just too warm/icy/something. I was not happy. But, as I stood there with some other moping day trippers, the ticket guys pipes up and says that they would open and sell the tickets at a discount since the whole mountain wouldn’t be open. Yippee, thinks I.

Short story: powder it wasn’t, in fact it made PA snow seem pretty good. I spend a fair amount of time on my butt while trying to relearn long dormant skills, fortunately it cooled off and even snowed a bit during the day, but this brings us to the…

Sucky part: one run dumped me onto a black run which dropped off over a field of ice with a few scabrous patches of snow. I dropped into it and immediately fell. And kept falling. Self arrest was impossible without an axe or skis. I finally came to rest easily 100 yards downhill from my skis. Of course, I was in full view of a lift and got an earful of, “Are you OK?” and “Arrest! Arrest! Arrest!”. Yuk yuk. To add insult to injury I’d lost my hat in the fall, which wasn’t a problem until a patrol guy skied down with my boards and asked, “Are you OK, miss?”.

MISS!? Long hair and a long fall, therefore I was a dame! At this point I turned all 6′, 180lbs, and 2 days of beard on this fellow, smiled sweetly and said, “Yes.”


My suckiest skiing moment happened when I was in the Poconos, PA, in ’97. It was my first time and i was pretty bad at first. About a couple of hours i became pretty good. I decided to go on the black diamond after lunch. As i got half way down i got tripped up and fell the rest of the way. When i opened my eyes at the bottom i had not only lost my skiis, i had landed in a pile of some sort of poop. My clothes smelled like crap for the rest of the day.

Chris, Newark, Delaware

I play hockey, ice hockey. Its my instinct to tilt my feet out ward to speed up, like you are skating. I am out skiing with all my hockey friends. This story you wont probally believe but trust me its true. Okay i got my skis on i am getting on the chairlift and the skis because they are so long cross and twist my leg and finally release. So i got one ski on, i am talented enough to get off the chairlift with one ski so me being the crazy one on my hockey team jump off the chairlift. We were about 15 feet above the ground and i am lucky i didn’t break anything. I get chewed out by the chairlift guys. Anyway i get up there and my friends make fun of me. I am “ticked” (i cant swear right?) Well anyway while we are going down i end up on the tail end of the pack. What do you expect they are skis. So i try to speed up by trying to skate like i am on ice skates. My skis cross i go tumbling and my friends keep going. My skis fly off so i have to hike up the mountain with an aching A$$ also with an headache. I finally have all my stuff together. I try to put my boots in the bindings for like 10 minutes and finally figure out that there is snow packed down on the bottom of my skis and hafta sit there and chizel it off. This is the worst part some old lady has to stop and chizel it off for me. Finally she is holds my skis while i snap my boots in. People are goin by laughing and i am wicked embarrassed. I finally get down and dont meet up with my friends for like an hour. Since that day i have never skied. I am 100% addicted to skiboarding. Pick me my experience really sucked believe me!!!!!


Matt, Clifton Park, NY

It was March 2nd, 1985, I was 15 and it was my first time skiing. We were at a place called Spring Mountain in Pottstown, PA. It was very warm and the surface was very slushy. After taking lessons, I hit the slopes. I was doing great, hadn’t fallen and after several runs down the bunny slopes. I was feeling really confident.

During the dinner break everyone was talking about going up the expert slope and doing it as a group. I thought I could handle it and went along with them. However, after getting to the top I became terrified and told everyone to go without me. After a while, I decided I wasn’t going to be a wuss and went for it.

First thing I noticed was that the surface had turned to ice and I couldn’t slow down. The only way I knew how to stop was snowplowing and it wasn’t doing anything to slow me down. I kept picking up speed and panicked. My snowplow-crossed feet hit a mogul and stopped dead. My upper body whipped forward with my arms outstretched and I smashed into the ground.

At the hospital they told me that I had broken my right wrist and had dislocated my left shoulder. After the doctor put my shoulder back in place they couldn’t understand why I kept screaming. When the X-rays came back they found that I had dislocated AND broken my shoulder. I ended up needing an airplane split for my left shoulder and a full arm cast on my right arm. I ended up being in the hospital for approx. 2 months because I couldn’t care for myself. The incident was much worse than this description, I just don’t have enough space to tell the whole story.

Jerry, Baltimore, MD

The worst moment I have ever had might not be as good as some but think about it please! I was going up Croyal at Boston Mills Brandywine resort. I was talking to my friends when Chris dared me to hit a jump at the bottom as hard as I could. I said O.K. So I reached the top and skied halfway then stopped. I said ” ok here we go” then I bunny hopped and started up faster andfaster snow whipping in my eyes. Then I curved over to the jump. SLAM!!! I hit the top of the ramp soaring through the air. I started to slip forward my ski slamed into the ground. Lost mt poles and one ski. But not only did I lose it but I “lost it” as it snapped against my leg. AHHHHH My leg shot with pain. As I slid partially to the bottom I took the ski in after I relaxed and waited for the pain to go away. I had to take the ski in and gave it to the staff. But I hade to pay and now I want skiboards but cant afford them.

Author Unknown

My suckiest moment was when I was gettin on a two person chair lift with a snowboarder freind. It was really crudy, slippery snow, my freind is holding on to me to keep from sliding backwards. I had to stand in a duck wadle. When i climbed on the lift, the tip of my ski got caught in the little booth were the dudes operate the lifts. I twisted my ankle and my ski fell off.(IT HURT LIKE HECK!!!!!!!!)


I was at Horseshoe ski resort near Barrie, Ont. Can. and it was like my 5th or 6th time out, (I think it was mid-winter ’95) and I was going down the Ponytail (now The Zone) then a snowboarder cut me off! I started skiing into the trees then when I came out and tried to stop but I ended up doing 3 or 4 summersaults and planted my ski into the ground so far that I couldn’t move my foot. I was buried up to the back of my boot! Good thing my dad was right behind me to dig me out or I would have been stuck facing up the hill for the rest of the night! Please I need a new pair of blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy, Ontario, Canada

My worst skiing moment was last night. it was the first time i had done white lightning up at montage mountain and it was about 9:00 that we went into the lodge to get some food. i came out later and my skis were stolen. i filed a report, went around to all the ski holders to see if anyone had just moved them, walked through the parking lot and peeked in every car, and asked about 100 people. i won those skis in a promotion and they were the first pair of skis i ever owned. i have no money to buy new ones, so i am hoping that i might win these skiboards. its probly the only way i’ll ever hit the mountain again.

Sean, Moscow, PA


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