SUMMER SALE! Prices marked down throughout store.
SUMMER SALE! Prices marked down throughout store.

Skate on Skiboards

Take Your Skating Skills to the Hills

If you can skate, you can skiboard. Skiboards were originally created by Skaters for Skaters

Quickly transfer your skating skills to the ski hills and be good on your first day! Invented for skaters, skiboards allow you to transfer your skate skills almost immediately to the ski slopes. With skiboards there is no need to learn how to ski, skiboards allow you to actually skate the whole mountain. Sky’s the limit!

SS-Skate-to-Skiboard-Skaters SS-Skate-to-Skiboard-Skaters-2

Hey All Skaters

If you roller skate, inline skate, ice skate, play hockey or any other kind of skating, skiboarding is definitely for you.

Which skiboards are right for skaters?

All skiboards will work and are fun so you really can’t go wrong! Just choose a pair of skiboards that call to you, fit within your budget, and have your preferred bindings and hit the slopes. But, if you still want more specific guidance, here are a few skiboards listed below to get you started and having immediate fun.  Or use our selection tool: How to Choose the Right Skiboards

Skiboards selected for skaters:

Summit Easy Rider 79cm

Summit Easy Rider 79 cm Skiboards tyroliaSummit Sapphire 88 cm Skiboards Atomic M10 BindingsSummit Sapphire – 88cm

summit sk8 96 cm skiboards atomic bindings


Summit SK8 96cmsummit ecstatic 99 cm skiboards atomic bindingsSummit Ecstatic 99cm


Summit GroovN 106cm summit groovn 106 cm skiboards atomic bindingsSummit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards Atomic M10 bindingsSummit Bamboo Pro 110 cm

 What are skaters saying?

These things feel just like inline skates on snow! Now I can take my inline skating skills to the mountains.

– Thirty+Rollin

Skiboards have provided me with exciting and infinite possibilities of creative flow, and are the perfect winter option as a skater.

– CamGoodTimes


Smoothest transition from skates to the slopes imaginable.

– Brian Sparks

What are you waiting for?

Grab a pair and start skating on snow!

Send Us Your Clips

We want to see you skating on snow.


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