Ski Equipment: Money Saving Tips

Skiing is not a cheap pastime. For a start there’s the cost of getting out to the resorts, then accommodations, clothing, lift tickets, food, and of course, the skis themselves. However, it’s also one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Bearing that in mind, how can you reduce costs as much as possible?


Lets start with skiboards – much cheaper than skis. And most likely, you won’t need anymore lessons. Money saved there! We assume since you are reading this you already know about skiboards, but just saying!


Budget airlines promise to keep things as low cost as possible, but the ticket price that you get quoted is now often without such essentials as a baggage allowance. If you’re taking your own skiboards this is better as they can fit in the overhead compartment. Otherwise, often it can be better to ship by UPS or Fedex. This may save some money depending on the airlines. Some airlines also allow free baggage however and if you can get one of those flights, it is a better way to go usually.

Ski Clubs and organizations

If you’re with a holiday company the balance shifts slightly. Most ski companies organise flights and transfers as well, and therefore it’s a fairly safe bet to assume that you’ve already paid for taking your skiboards. Equipment transportation is usually factored in. So the cost of the flight shouldn’t be too much higher if you have your own equipment.


Sometimes it may make sense to rent your skiboards. ships rentals to you direct. It depends on whether you plan to go again and again. As the fun factor is quite high with skiboards, chances are you will want to ride them again which means buying may be better. Fortunately, our Rental By Mail Program offers to deduct the price you pay for rentals off a purchase.

When Not to Buy

Do not buy equipment (goggles, helmets, wax kits, clothes, etc.) at the local resort as you usually pay full retail. Prices are usually at a premium plus you get all caught up in the fun of the holiday and maybe buy more than you need.

Skiboarding is incredibly addictive and once you’ve started you’ll want to go back, so it’s probably a good idea to have your own gear even if it can mean paying a little more for the flight.

Don’t forget though that in case this is too much of a hassle to lug your own gear, you can always take advantage of our Rentals by Mail program. We will ship directly to your resort, making sure it gets there at the right time. Then when your vacation is over, you simply put your skiboards back in the box, put on the return label and drop off at the front desk (if they have UPS pickup) or drop at a loca mail center. You also get to try out new skiboards.

Visit our: Rentals by Mail page for more details.

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