Skiboards In Australia (snowblades)

Skiboards hit the slopes in Australia and New Zealand. Yes, Skiboards In Australia (snowblades)

Skiboards are the true ski alternative. Also referred to previously as snowblades or skiblades, these are made for all mountain riding, at speed, in all conditions including deep powder and ice. One per foot, just like skis, these are made to accommodate ski release bindings, non-release bindings, AT bindings and even snowboard bindings for use with snowboard boots. Resorts like Perisher, Mt. Buller, Falls Creek and more are beginning to see skiboarders on their slopes. And why not? They are super easy to use, fast, quick turning and anyone of any ability level can have a great time., the Skiboards Superstore, ships regularly to Australia and New Zealand. Standard shipping methods include USPS and UPS depending on how fast you need them. Our skiboards can be mounted with any bindings and shipped within one to two days from when order is placed. If you need assistance in choosing, email us at

You can read more about skiboards in our University section.

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