Non-Release Skiboard Binding Adjustment Instructions

Non-Release Skiboard Binding Adjustment Instructions. 

These instructions are specifically for pre-mounted non-release bindings. These bindings fit ski boots and not snowboard boots.

1. In back of binding there is a slide plate. Push it down and slide it out. If it sticks you can carefully use a butter knife or small screw driver to loosen.

2. Place your boots on top of the binding with toe lever towards the front of the boot.

3. Position your ski boots in the place you want them and then move rear metal bracket by pushing down and moving it backwards until it can rest on the back lip of the ski boot. Then pull up into the slot.

4. Next position the front metal bracket with toe lever so toe lever can rest on front lip of ski boots and clamp over to make it tight.

5. Next, slide the plate all the way through until it secures the front and rear metal brackets. Note: Make sure the plastic slide goes under both metal brackets. If this does not happen, you will find your ski boot won’t stay secure in the bindings.

6. Once slide is secure, you won’t have to adjust your boots each time. To place boots in bindings prior to skiboarding, place back lip of boot under the rear metal bracket and push boot back until it is secure and won’t move backwards anymore. Then take toe lever and front metal bracket, rest toe lever on front lip of your ski boots, bring it over boot until it clamps in place. Make sure your ski boot is tight within your bindings and can’t be moved when you push against it. You want the toe lever tight, but not too tight so it is extremely difficult to pull up when ready to remove your ski boots from the binding.

Lastly, the leash is attached to the bindings and then needs to wrap around your leg or be attached to your boots. This is a requirement of all ski resorts to make sure your skiboards don’t go flying down the mountain and remain attached to your body.

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