Finally a ski sport the whole family can do.

Finally a ski sport the whole family can do.

The best part for us wasn’t the fun, it was the fun we had with our kids.

I thought I should write you a note to express my thanks to your company. First, is everything an Internet company should be and nothing it shouldn’t’t be. Your web site is one of the best I have ever used. Well organized, easy to use, informative, accurate and full of every thing you need to make good consumer choices. But most importantly, when you need a real person to interact with, you get attentive and friendly personal service over the phone that is second to none.

This is a rarity in the Internet age. has the perfect mix for a great shopping experience. The convenience of great prices and accurate web shopping and the personal service usually reserved for your neighborhood ski shop.

Secondly, you guy were 100% right on the “mark” about the sport. I had never skied before and my wife had only skied twice before, over 20 years ago. After just one, half hour, lesson we were off the bunny hill and on to the big slopes. The entire experience was totally exhilarating. At the end of our first weekend, we couldn’t’t help but chuckle while we watched other beginners who started learning, on traditional skies and snowboards, at the same time as us. They were still struggling with snowplowing down the bunny hill while we were carving up the intermediate runs on our new ski boards. Everywhere we skied this winter we managed to get at least one traditional skier to try ski boards and all of them said they would never go back! It’s easy and addicting!

However the best part for us wasn’t the fun, it was the fun we had with our kids. I want to tell every parent out there (no matter what their age) that it doesn’t’t matter if their kids skiboard, snowboard or ski, we finally have a sport that you can do as a family and keep up with the kids. It was amazing, last winter our T. V. was off and the family was out on the slopes, having a ball.

Thanks again,

Columbus, Ohio

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