Why Buy from Skiboards.com?

Why buy from Skiboards.com over other buying alternatives? This is why:

1) Expertise

Skiboards.com is fully owned and operated by experienced skiboarders. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion. (Or obsession!) That means whenever you call you’ll be talking to someone who has personally tested a wide variety of brands and models to help you make the right choice.

2) Experience

Skiboards.com is the original online skiboards superstore. We’ve been around since 1997 (as PowderSkate.com) – the oldest online retailer of skiboards around. We’ve learned a lot since then, seen manufacturers come and go, and ridden every pair of boards out there! Who else would you rely on to sell you the best skiboards, at the best price?

3) Price

As the largest online skiboard retailer, we can pass our savings on to you. If you’re buying from your local ski shop, you’re buying from folks who often have no idea what they’re selling, resulting in slow sales and small orders. They’re paying full price and so are you! We buy only the best with confidence – in large quantities that allows us to share our discount with you. If you find the skiboards you want at a lower price anywhere (except on auctions or used) we’ll match the difference with free shipping too.

4) Exceptional Customer Service

We love our customers! We will do everything in our power to make sure you’re happy with your purchase, and having fun on the snow. As a skiboards.com customer you’ll enjoy benefits such as the ability to call our experienced skiboarders for advice – even from the mountain!

5) Accountability

Before buying used skiboards or at an online auction, consider the warranty issue. Who will replace your boards if they break? Even if the manufacturer you’ve chosen goes out of business, we won’t leave you hanging. We assume responsibility for your warranty in case the manufacturer is no longer around. (It’s happened before and our customers were so glad they had bought from us!)

...But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say about Skiboards.com:

Dear Skiboards.com,

Last ski season was the first time that I ever tried to skiboard. I have skied since I was eight years old and I tried snowboarding for three seasons. As soon as I stepped into skiboards I was hooked. Within the first day, I was in the half pipe, on the rails and taking jumps.(weather I landed any of the jumps that’s a different story). So after this Christmas I set out to buy a pair of Skiboards. I looked all around and I really did not find any thing that I liked. I then saw the Line Pro skiboards. I asked around and I bought a pair along with the Line Pro bindings. I purchased all of this at a local ski shop. I paid $225 for the blades and $160 for the bindings. I figure I was getting a good buy for all this. One day I was on the Line web site just looking around and I find a Link for your website “skiboards.com”. I then looked exactly at what I had bought at a local ski shop and I noticed that I was ripped off. I paid $385 for skiboards and bindings. I was so mad. later that day I returned the skiboards and bindings for all my money back and then ordered the same exact skiboards and bindings from you. I saved so much more even with shipping included. Your sales reps. were very nice on the phone. I would just like to say thank you for your help and the low prices. I now know where to buy my equipment and where to send any one who asks me about where to buy skiboards. This was on of my best mistakes. Thank you

Thank you,
Dayton, NJ
Age: 19

Dear Skiboards.com, I thought I should write you a note to express my thanks to your company. First, Skiboards.com is everything an Internet company should be and nothing it shouldn’t be. Your web site is one of the best I have ever used. Well organized, easy to use, informative, accurate and full of every thing you need to make good consumer choices. But most importantly, when you need a real person to interact with, you get attentive and friendly personal service over the phone that is second to none.

This is a rarity in the Internet age. Skiboards.com has the perfect mix for a great shopping experience. The convenience of great prices and accurate web shopping and the personal service usually reserved for your neighborhood ski shop.

Secondly, you guy were 100% right on the “mark” about the sport. I had never skied before and my wife had only skied twice before, over 20 years ago. After just one, half hour, lesson we were off the bunny hill and on to the big slopes. The entire experience was totally exhilarating. At the end of our first weekend, we couldn’t’t help but chuckle while we watched other beginners who started learning, on traditional skies and snowboards, at the same time as us. They were still struggling with snowplowing down the bunny hill while we were carving up the intermediate runs on our new ski boards. Everywhere we skied this winter we managed to get at least one traditional skier to try ski boards and all of them said they would never go back! It’s easy and addicting!

However the best part for us wasn’t the fun, it was the fun we had with our kids. I want to tell every parent out there (no matter what their age) that it doesn’t’t matter if their kids ski board, snowboard or ski, we finally have a sport that you can do as a family and keep up with the kids. It was amazing, last winter our T. V. was off and the family was out on the slopes, having a ball.

Thanks again,
Columbus, Ohio

The skiboards arrived today, and I thank you for responding. I know these things take time but when you have a child anxiously awaiting not only new boards, but snow, things can’t happen soon enough, if you know what I mean. We have now had two very good experiences making purchases with you and look forward to giving you more business. We have also recommended you to friends. Once again, thanks for everything!


You are great!


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Snowjam 90cm this morning. We’re going to Red River, NM over New Year’s. I’m really excited about trying them! I’ll let you know how it goes when we get home.

Once again, thanks so much for your help and suggestions. Nobody seems to know much about skiboards around here. We live in the Dallas, TX. area and there was a major ski show here yesterday. My husband and I went; I thought I’d get to see some skiboards in person and get some info. The only type of skiboard that anyone carried was Salomon (Buzz?) 99cm. They were very vague when I questioned them about shorter lengths or other brands. I always knew I was going to order through you guys, but I just wanted to look at some of the products. Now I KNOW there’s no other way to go! You all are so knowledgeable and helpful; I feel very confident that I am not only getting a great product, but one that is suited for me personally.

Cathryn McGregor

I recently purchased a pair of Klimax Skiboards from Skiboards.com on Ebay. This was my first purchase on Ebay and needless to say, I was very skeptical. I’m usually not a gambler but thought I would give it a try as my daughter wanted a pair for Christmas and I had been shopping around and found them more reasonable bidding through Ebay.

Once Ebay notified me I was high bidder, I immediately contacted Skiboards Superstore (skiboards.com) to verify making payment and to inquire about shipping. I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a gentleman named Taylor. I found him to be extremely helpful and provided the information needed to complete the transaction. I immediately sent a money order (as I was skeptical about providing a credit card number) for next day delivery. Taylor assured me once payment was received, the Skiboards would be shipped. Needless to say, I was still skeptical and wondering if I ever would see the SkiBoards.

The following day I received an email indicating my order was shipped and I would receive it by UPS within 4-5 business days. I was pleased to see everything was still going smooth but still apprehensive about the end result.

Well, today my Skiboards arrived and both my husband and I are very pleased. They look just like the picture posted on Ebay, they came with a ski bag as indicated in the auction and are brand new. I know our daughter will be very thrilled on Christmas morning when she opens them. We ski every weekend and I know she will want to ski with her new Skiboards more than her down hill skis.

I thank SkiBoards Superstore and Taylor at Skiboards.com for being so helpful. The transaction went very smoothly and I will be updating your Ebay with a kind review. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Brenda Robbins

Dear Carol:

I just wanted to personally thank you for your assistance, expertise and most of all, real-live “Customer Service.” I realize that my 7-8 calls to your toll-free 800 # may have seemed, well, may I say: “overly cautious,” but I have always done my proper due diligence before any major purchases and I am soundly impressed with Skiboards.com…You knew what I and my son wanted, you gave me researched, verifiable information that confirmed all of my searches, conversations, etc., and we made our choice to go with you guys. We both could not be happier. My son has thanked me repeatedly and frankly, I’m not used to that. I am joining your Ambassador’s Club because I can now recommend skiboards.com without hesitation. Thank you for: Truth in Advertising, as well as, Experience and Expertise in this great winter sport.

All my best, always,
Lou & Ryan

Thank You

Once again you guys are the best! I thank you for all the help in all of this. Like I said, you definitely have a customer for life (and of course whomever else I can recommend your way)!

Thanks again for everything!!



Dear Skiboards.com,

Your customer service is the best I have experienced out of all the web sites I have been to for skiboards. I would like to thank you all and keep up the good work!!!


A Big Thank You

Dear friends at skiboards .com,
Our whole group would like to say Thank you for letting us use free of charge 7 sets of Snowjam skiboards at Monarch, Colorado. It really shows your kindness to help with groups like ours of fatherless children and children of divorce. The group consisted of children ages from 18 to 5 and they all were taught and all had a blast, and are sold on skiboards. They learned so fast that they all were going down greens by the afternoon and everybody was exhausted. I didn’t know how I’d do as a teacher with a large group, but skiboards are so easy to teach that we all were on the bunny slope within an hour. Again thank you for showing your human side and letting us use the boards.

James Rogers,
unlettered and uncertified over the hill teacher

Dear Skiboards.com,

First, I visited your web site because I rode the lift at Bristol Mountain (New York State) with a skiboarder who raved about the site. (He bought Alpina’s from you and raved about the twenty minutes of attention he got from your staff).

Second, as a veteran professional web designer, kudos on a fast-downloading, easy-to-navigate, content-rich web site. It is one of the better sporting good ‘e-stores’ on the web…I will order from you due to quality of site, pricing, and product lines.

Age: 51

“As for skiboards.com, I don’t think I ever had better customer service from any store. Skiboards are a new thing and information can be scarce. Your staff…took as much time as I needed to make sure my purchase was right for me.”


I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you for your quick e-mail responses and your helpful answers. Your company has always been good about those things and I also appreciate that you don’t over-cater to the x-games mentality. You recognize that there’s more to skiboarding than that.


“I wanted to thank you for the extremely great service and customer care that you have shown towards me with my recent order for my Salomon Snowblade Buzz. Your service is outstanding…among the best retailers I have dealt with in a long time, even outside of the ski industry.”

“Great Skiboards… Great Customer Service.”

Mt. Laurel, NJ.

I should have written this earlier, but have been very busy down here in Denver. I wanted to thank you for the extremely great service and customer care that you have shown towards me with my recent order for my Salomon Snowblade Buzz. Your service is outstanding, and without being on the snow yet I am very pleased with the product. (You will definitely be receiving a review from me once I can make it up to the mountains. Your staff and management were very helpful and among the best retailers I have dealt with in a long time, even outside of the ski industry. And just to let ya know, the skiboards.com sticker you sent me is already on one of the snowblades. (Looks good too.) Hope your ski season starts out well, enjoy the holidays too. Thanks again.

Waiting for a good snow,
Denver, CO

PS: And thanks again for the great deal. I will be back and so will my friends for equip.

“I’m writing to tell you I love your web site. I tell all my friends about your web site, even people that don’t skiboard. Your right when you say killer deals, I’ve seen a lot of your things at stores for more money. Keep up the great work.”
Mystery skiboarder

“I recently ordered a pair of Canon H series skiboards from you guys. I just wanted to say that you guys are great! The service was excellent!”

“I thank you for the prompt shipment of the items I had ordered. In fact they were delivered on the 3rd day after ordering and I am very much impressed with the prompt service and the courteous manner I was treated by the sales person.”
Fremont, CA

” I wanted to thank you for all of your help and the parts. I have mounted the boots and they fit fine. Thanks a ton I gave the name of your company to a few of my friends and mentioned the help I got with them. Thanks again.”

Thank You

Hey your site has helped me as a beginner out a whole bunch and I would just like to thank you for that. If you could please show your manager this letter I’m sure he or she would be very pleased with you. Thank you again for all of the advice.

Your next pro skiboarder.

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