Why Try Skiboards?

  • Are you frustrated with your ability level on long skis?

  • Want to truly enjoy your special time in the mountains?

  • Imagine feeling liberated and ecstatic cruising down the slopes without fear? 

This is why you need to try skiboards NOW:

• Pure FUN from Day One!
Imagine floating down the slopes, on soft white stuff, in total control, doing whatever you want to without being hindered by long, cumbersome skis. Most people who have been introduced to skiboards have started having fun, yes, right from their first day!
• Have a much easier time on the slopes!

Skiboards being shorter means less chance of crossing or catching tips like with skis and allow for exceptional maneuverability.  Skiboards are way easier to control, stop & turn on as compared to skis and snowboards.

• Save money!

Spend your money on travel and lift tickets, not equipment, travel gear and lessons. Skiboards range from about $149 for entry level to about $500 for the top end, including bindings.

• Discover Liberation!

You are truly free to enjoy the mountains, feel confident and know you can stop and turn wherever you choose. Most who have converted to skiboards skip all those lessons necessary if learning to ride those awkward skis and snowboards. Fun is what it is all about, not rules. Break out of the rut and treat yourself to the experience of freedom that only skiboards can provide.

• Express your creativity!

Just think, no more fighting the equipment! What is possible when you are free to just groove on the snow, without inhibitions. Maybe Big Air and styling tricks no one has ever seen before, spinning down the mountain, couples skiboarding, moguls backwards, anything.  Skiboards Rule! bYes, imagine – anything goes!

• Stay in great shape!

What a perk, to stay fit and have fun! Skiboarding is the perfect exercise because it’s not only an excellent way to stay in shape, but you’re usually having so much fun that you don’t even notice! You just want to keep going, again and again.

• Fun For Everybody!

Skiboarding is a sport that you can truly enjoy with friends and family. The great thing about skiboards is that everyone gets good quick so you can all cruise together, doesn’t matter about skill levels as with skis or snowboards. You can all go anywhere on the mountain and have real fun together. Skiboarders – imagine not having to wait for your friends on snowboards or skis anymore! Get them on skiboards and you can hang together. Great for family bonding too.

• Explore the whole mountain.

Glades, moguls, double black terrain, parks, pipes, deep powder, it’s all suddenly yours to play on. Skiboards are excellent for backcountry as well (being highly portable).

• Be popular!

Skiboarders get swamped with questions on the slopes: What are they? What are they like? Where can you get them? etc. Some people get literally surrounded by people inquiring about them.

• Safety

Skiboards are the safest snow riding tool on the slopes when mounted with regular ski-type release bindings. Short, easy to turn, no crossing tips and you can stop fast! No more ski injuries like torn ACL’s, knee injuries, etc. that skiers and snowboarders get to enjoy.

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