Choosing the Right Skiboard/Ski Boot Size

We offer some additional suggestions on choosing the right skiboard/ski boot size below.

1. Measure your feet at home:

Put a piece of paper, larger than your foot, on the floor against a wall.

Stand on the paper with your back and heels glued to the wall.

Draw a line marking the longest part of your foot (on your longest foot if they vary).

Measure the distance in cm from the edge of the paper to the line you’ve just made.

2. Convert to Mondo:

Once you have the length in centimeters, you can now convert to Mondo. Ex. 27.5cm is mondo 27.5 or 275 mm. Then consider if you are wearing thick socks as you may want to go a half size larger.

3. Typically for a comfortable fit while riding skiboards, you can usually go for your shoe size plus 1/2 size bigger unless your socks are thin.

Gender differences:

The main difference between men’s and women’s ski boots is women’s boots will have shorter cuffs (the part that wraps the ankle and lower leg) than men’s boots to accommodate women’s longer calves. This modification cuts down on the likelihood of the boot putting too much pressure on a woman’s calf muscle, which could cause significant pain over the course of a day on the slopes.

Remember you can always enlist the services of a professional boot fitter. Ski boots can always be made bigger (stretched, ground out, etc.), but there is no way to make them smaller if you end up buying boots that are too big. So if you might want to use a boot fitter, choose a slightly smaller boot.

*Note: We cannot accept returns after boots have been used. So please try boots on at home on a carpeted surface to ensure a good fit before taking them to the hill.

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