Skiboarding Testimonials

Testimonials for Skiboards. Skiboarding has a way of changing people’s lives! Hear what others have to say about this great sport!

Hi there,
I live in England and having struggled for 5 years skiing in Europe, trying to use traditional skis (150cm) and having god knows how many lessons from a variety of instructors in each resort. I told my husband that the feeling of fear and panic when I took the slopes (blue ones at that) was now so bad that I didn’t want to go skiing again. 2 weeks ago a new indoor snowdome opened an hours drive away, and I plucked up the courage to try the snowblades, Salomon’s 99.9 long. One of the ski instructors there did everything he could to discourage me, saying they were “girly” not “proper” skis! and that he could get me to ski where others had failed. But I stuck to my guns, thanked him and put the blades on – wow, for the first time ever I have felt what it is like to ski. I cannot believe that after 5 years of fear, panic, anxiety, and being tense from head to toe, it vanished in 5 minutes. I have been back since, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and can now race my husband and son to the bottom of the slope without so much as a wobble!

I can’t think why one of those instructors seeing how distressed I was, didn’t suggest them rather than lose me from the slopes altogether.

PS. Great site!

Age: 50

Good folks at

I bought a pair of Head boards (only boards I’ve ever used) from you (awesome, friendly customer service) at the end of the season last year and I’ve been out on them 3 times. They are a lot of fun. (Or at least they have been 2 out of 3 times. The time I used them on a slushy spring-type day, they didn’t seem to handle as well. I don’t know is it was me that day, or the conditions.) I love the skate-like action and the telepathic agression of the deep carves and the quick turns. They work great on both the blues and the blacks and I can even ride them switch (sort of). I also have taken them into the park (wouldn’t do that with skis) where I’m working on actually not looking like a complete fool on the jumps, grinds and pipes.

Still, while it might seem like a heresy, I’m not planning on getting rid of my skis. I am an intermediate skier, but one who started very late and who gets better each time I go. I love the grace and elegance of a nicely carved turn on the long boards and the challenge of making those turns. I’d love to look as smooth as the guys (and girls) I watch from the lift, just as I’d like to be as rad as the girls (and guys) in the pipe on their ‘boards.

To me boarding and skiing are two related but distinct activities. They are both a lot of fun on the snow, but, for me at least, offer different pleasures. Yesterday I worked on my turns on the long boards for a couple of hours and then, after lunch, played like a kid on the shorties. In short, “yahoo” for skiboards, “yeah!” for skis and vive la difference.

Providence, RI


I recently purchased Snowjam Skiboards online and tried them out in Breckenridge C.O. and they were amazing. I had more control than with conventional skis and they were extremely easy to “get the hang of”. I ended up taking double black diamonds and enjoying them. I wasn’t let down!


Who’s laughing now!

The first busy day at Wolf Creek! My friend and I were in line for Treasure Lift. Smiles radiated from our face and our skiboards radiated in sun. As we inched our way up to the lift nothing could top the thrill we long awaited-downhill skiboarding through the trees. We discussed our plan to “go right” at the top as we scooched our way forward. It was then that everyone got a laugh at our expense when someone bolstered aloud, “Someone sold you only half skis!” The crowd laughed and my friend and I were scooped up by the lift chair with smiles still on our faces. “See you on the flats!” we yelled in triumph.

It was later that day when we headed adventurously towards Alberta. We made our way through some trees hooping and hollering with joy and eventually hit the flats. “Whose laughing now?!” I said to my friend as we skated deftly by snowboarders who were carrying their boards. “Only half a mile to go!” we hollered as we left them in our ski dust!

Needless to say, I am sold and hooked on skiboards. As an avid rollerblader and ex-skiier I have found my medium of choice and eagerly take the chide remarks thrown my way at the lifts or on the slopes. Skiboards are versatile and the possibilities are endless! Thanks Doc!

Forever grateful,
Sonya “Bones” McNair

A little skiboard story

I first started skiboarding in the winter of 1998. After skiing for years (since I was 4), I decided to try out those nifty “short skis” that I’d seen in stores. It took a day of convincing, but my parents eventually agreed to rent me a pair for a day. Shortly after adjusting to the feel of the skiboards (and the lack of poles), I felt confident enough to take one of my favorite jump paths between some trees. I had enjoyed the maneuverability and speed of the skiboards, and I guess some combination of that and a small uncalfied area in my leg bone got the better of me. Long story short, I left the slopes early with a broken leg. I was limited to normal skis until about 3 years ago, when I convinced my parents that I was skilled enough to try again. I had enjoyed the experience so much that I was ready to go back on the same things that I had broken my leg on. So I demoed another pair of skiboards (Atomics or Salomons, I believe) and took them up the mountain. If the first time hadn’t hooked me yet, the second time hit me like a heroin addiction. I couldn’t imagine going down the slopes any other way. Skiboards can turn on a dime, scream out high velocities, and are so light and wide that they’re ideal for both powder AND park. I bought a pair of Salomon Minimax 99’s later that year, and I have loved the switch. I still chuckle when I see my skier friends lug gigantic skiis and poles up to the lodge, and I beat them down the slopes almost every time. My skiboards work great for riding steep, groomed bowls; heavy powder; park action; just about anything. Now as I develop my skills more I always try to get my friends to try the skiboards, and when they do they get hooked to! I couldn’t possibly go back to standard skis.

Moraga, CA
Age: 17

I thought I should write you a note to express my thanks to your company. First, is everything an Internet company should be and nothing it shouldn’t be. Your web site is one of the best I have ever used. Well organized, easy to use, informative, accurate and full of every thing you need to make good consumer choices. But most importantly, when you need a real person to interact with, you get attentive and friendly personal service over the phone that is second to none.

This is a rarity in the Internet age. has the perfect mix for a great shopping experience. The convenience of great prices and accurate web shopping and the personal service usually reserved for your neighborhood ski shop.

Secondly, you guy were 100% right on the “mark” about the sport. I had never skied before and my wife had only skied twice before, over 20 years ago. After just one, half hour, lesson we were off the bunny hill and on to the big slopes. The entire experience was totally exhilarating. At the end of our first weekend, we couldn’t’t help but chuckle while we watched other beginners who started learning, on traditional skies and snowboards, at the same time as us. They were still struggling with snowplowing down the bunny hill while we were carving up the intermediate runs on our new ski boards. Everywhere we skied this winter we managed to get at least one traditional skier to try ski boards and all of them said they would never go back! It’s easy and addicting!

However the best part for us wasn’t the fun, it was the fun we had with our kids. I want to tell every parent out there (no matter what their age) that it doesn’t’t matter if their kids ski board, snowboard or ski, we finally have a sport that you can do as a family and keep up with the kids. It was amazing, last winter our T. V. was off and the family was out on the slopes, having a ball.

Thanks again,
Columbus, Ohio

I learned to ski at age 48. My children advised “Big Feet” and I loved them.

I ski 70 days per year, always on Big feet, but last year I “graduated ” to some 90cm skiboards.

Still having fun. All our Grandchildren have learned on “Big Feet” too!

New Zealand

I am 32 yrs old and have been skiing off-and-on since I was 10. Last year, I visited Sugar Mountain in N. Carolina with a friend. Because she was a beginner, she thought renting skiboards might be a better way to go than “those long skis”. So I rented a pair too. At first, I had to adapt to the difference in balancing on skiboards as opposed to standard skis. But by mid-afternoon, I was hooked! This season, I visited a number of websites to read up on skiboard reviews and decided that because they were such a bargain, I’d buy a pair instead of renting again. I bought the SnowJam 75cm and skied at Snowshoe, W. Va last weekend. It was great! I was much more confident on skiboards than “long” skis and it’s so much easier to maneuver (no poles!) and to get up (on that rare occasion that you fall). I’m very happy with my purchase and look forward to skiing on them again and again.

Becky Smith Bowling Green, KY

It was by pure coincidence that I discovered skiboards, because I was looking for snowblades around my area, for an upcoming ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain WV. I had used a pair of Salomon Snowblades in Switzerland a couple of years ago, and thought that Skiboards was the American name for Snowblades. I soon learned (thanks to that this is not the case. And holy smokes is there a lot of information on this site! Once I started to learn a little bit about the Skiboards I was automatically sucked in, and my brain needed to know all there was to know about them. They just seemed so cool, and I want to extend the HUUUGEST thanks to for getting me hooked on this totally cool sport. I love the Skiboard University section, it’s just so damned informative and useful! Once I learned a bit more about what style and size of skiboards I’d be needing, I began my hunt for the boards. It quickly became evident that Line is the star of all skiboards.

I’ve only ever been on skis for 2 weeks total in my life, so I didn’t know how to parallel stop yet. But what can I say, it took me all of 2 seconds to pull off a perfect parallel stop!! I was amazed! (so were my friends actually)

Being the Novice that I am, I started on the Green (easy slopes). It was fun, but I was itching to try out the tougher slopes. Little did I know that later that night I’d be going down the black diamond slopes, the terrain park, and the half pipe!! Let me tell you, I never ever thought I’d see myself in a half pipe, but these skiboards make it a piece of cake! They truly are made for FUN RIGHT FROM THE START.

I’ve got all my friends and family hooked on them now. I can’t wait to go back up the mountain.

My snowboarder friends are all intrigued by my boards, because they ski and handle quite similar to a snowboard. I definately recommend this to anyone who wants to get the most fun possible on the mountain top.

Other Things I bought:
Skiboard Tuning Kit & Skiboard Bag.

Those two items are the whipped cream and cherry on top of the dessert. The bag is really cool, because it makes transporting the skiboards really easy. The tuning kit is a godsend to keep your Skiboards going nice and fast, and to fix up any minor damages from screw-ups (like when I skiboarded over gravel in front of the ski lodge…… “ouch”) Also you’ll make a lot of friends with that tune up kit. I let everyone at my cabin borrow it so they could tune up their skis before hitting the slopes.)

You guys Rock!

Skiboarding Is the Real Deal
I have been skiboarding now for 4 years and LOVE it. I was an OK skier, but have progressed to an excellent skiboarder because they are so easy to use. I spend my days roaming the less traveled diamonds and double diamonds hitting untouched powder while my friends who insisted on skiing eek their way down greens and blues.

I am a youth pastor and have taken high school students skiing who have never been and at the end of the FIRST day several of them had conquered black diamond hills unharmed. Go try that on skis and snowboards! They all had fun.

On a recent staff retreat to the mountains I talked a co-worker in to trying them. He has been a skier his entire life and after the first day he commented, “I’ll never go back to skiing, these things (skiboards) are awesome.”

My next challenge…to conquer the terrain parks and fly up out of the superpipe! I feel confident that it can be done all because of my boards.

Lincoln, Nebraska
Age: 32

Skiboards are slow? Nope!

Why does everybody think that longer skis will make you go faster? My friend Nick and I take pride in wasting even the fastest hotshots on the mountain. (I use Salomon buzz 99’s and he uses Blade 97’s) On our most recent trip, we were cruising at about 40 (this is just a rough guess, its not like we have speedometers), and this guy comes blazing past us at about 50-60. So what do we do? We chase him down and pass him. Of course this was after I stopped to make sure Nick was following me. Nick was engaged in mortal combat at that point and zinged past me. I decided this was going to take some catch up work. I sped along as fast as I possibly could, and managed to catch up to Nick. We gave it the extra gas and flew past him. Ah yes that felt good. We plan to enter in a race sometime next season.

Westminster, CO

Skiboards, a real alternative to skis

One of the commonest questions asked about skiboards is “Are they a real alternative to skis?” This is a story about three ski bums who set out to find the answer in the winter of 2001/2002. The cast, 2 expert male skiers, 1 female intermediate. The stage, the Italian Dolomites. The weapons, 4 different pairs of 99cm carving skiboards. The plan, 6 days testing on the mountain in all conditions from groomed blues to off piste blacks. This was not to be about throwing tricks in the park…..most skiers don’t do that! This was about miles………endless miles of gliding and carving, and maybe a little apres-ski. The first thing we noticed was the very high quality of the boards. These are not cheap toys. They are beautifully made snow-riding tools. The bases and edges, graphics and finish, were all in line with top end skis. Considering the price, this came as a surprise. Secondly, they were so LIGHT! If you have ever spent a day lugging a pair of skis and poles around the rail stations of Europe, you will know what I mean! But what were they like on snow? In a word…fantastic. All of us were able to ride the boards from the first moment we tried, but it took about a day to fully settle in. At first they seemed unstable and twitchy, but we were skiers….what did we know?

Skiboards are NOT SKIS! The techniques for getting the best out of them are different. By the end of the first day we were all learning to weight both boards instead of only the downhill one, and stability had returned. We probably would have found it easier if we had never skied before! But the speeds these things can attain really caught us out. We were all expecting a big slow down over our skis. Forget it. You only notice a difference on the almost flat sections where skis glide faster. This did not prove a problem however, as it is so easy to skate up to speed on skiboards. In those little areas where the piste slopes upward for a few yards, causing skiers to use their poles or sidestep, the skating ability of skiboards make skis look silly.

Day 2 was spent pushing harder and harder looking for the limits. Result…NO LIMITS! In fact, when the going gets really tough, steep mogled blacks, everyone agreed skiboards were safer than skis. They don’t “catch”, and they don’t run away with you. Net result…you get down quicker and safer. On day 3, the plan was to ski a route called the Sella Ronda. This is a circular route that that goes on for miles and miles, through villages and over cols. It takes a good skier about half a day, more if you get lost, or the lift queues are bad. The two expert skiers went, one on skis, and the other on skiboards. In terms of speed, there was absolutely no difference. The two were able to ski together all day, neither one having any particular advantage, until about three quarters of the way round, when the guy on the skis was starting to get tired. Oh dear, mark that one up to skiboards then! They really do require only a fraction of the effort. By now it was becoming obvious that skiboards are indeed a very real alternative to skis, and as the week progressed we were able to discover more and more about the subtleties of this new sport. Things like “popping” the tails out of turns to catapult you into the next, huge carved turns with one hand dragging in the snow, and linked turns so tight that the upper body continues straight down the fall line while the legs only swing from side to side like a pendulum. With true carving products like the Fischer Web XL, the Salomon Minimax, the Atomic Zone, and the Line Bullet, skiboards now represent a real alternative to old fashioned skis. They are true whole mountain freeride tools, able to take you anywhere you want. So which was the best? Cannot answer. They all have differences, but they are only minor. The really exciting thing is, they were all so good. So I guess it doesn’t matter. If you like the color, buy them! Will we go back to our skis? The intermediate lady has dumped her full length skis. Never wants to see them again. One of the male experts has done the same, the other wants to keep both. And the apres-ski…….what do you think?

Dave Stevens,
Skiboards rock!

I never skiied before, but I watched the X-Games and fell in love with skiboarding. I decided the next season I was going to get a pair. Well, I got a pair and I was good. I was kind of shocked because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or something. Before I went, all my friends were saying that I was gonna fall alot and stuff, but I never fell once (except off a jump). Well anyways, all my friends ditched their snowboards and are all getting (if they haven’t already got) a pair of skiboards. It’s really fun, and I bly recommend it.


I just had to write you guys about my skiboarding experience. I first tried them last year and I was hooked. I was ripping black diamonds just hours after trying them. Note that I never skied or snowboarded before. I aggressive inline skated in the past and now I’m a diehard skiboarder. To start out my winter this year I set out to find some boards and boots. I tried the local ski shop, then the web, and then did a little asking around. Well I got some boards but everyone tried selling me some ankle busting ski boots. I decided to go back to the web and found They answered all my questions on boots and I decided to order. I don’t have any regrets because the boots I got are so comfortable and are just what I was looking for. I just want to give a thanks to the sales rep that was real cool to answer my questions and hook me up with a sweet pair of boots. Catch you guys on the slopes……


“I was smoking everyone on the slopes.”

Last season I was introduced to the sport of skiboarding. I talked to the people from and they had a couple suggestions. I made my decision to purchase a pair of skiboards. The first time I went on the hill, I was nervous on what the outcome of the day was going to be.

As soon as I put the things on, I was smoking every one on the slopes. My friends are amateur snowboarders with big mouths and are always up for a challenge. I have continously, in all categories, killed them. I always beat them in races, trick competitions, & sometimes I catch the biggest air. I am very happy with the results of my skiboards and will recommend any one interested in the sport to grab a pair.

Thank You,

First Of All I Would Like To Say Skiboarding Rules!!!

I started skiboarding two seasons ago, I was a competent skier and was looking for something more, I have found it!!! Skiboarding is ssssooooo easy to learn and I have taken it further than I could with skiing. I have Line Weapons and have loved every minute on them. They are perfect for the park, but so are all skiboards!!! Keep riding, have a good season and spread the good word of skiboarding (not snowblading!)

Big Air Smite

Hey I think that skiboards are the greatest things invented. I got my skiboards last season and nobody knew what they were. The first time I tried them it was natural. They are the easiest thing to learn. I am not the best at them but I’m getting better. I would advise anyone that is thinking of trying them to do it.


Most Memorable Moment

was reading some of the reviews on your site and it made me feel like writing about my some of my best times of last year. Me and two of my friends went up to Mount Seymour one night. It was near the end of the year so we were looking to go big because it might be our last time up. Me and one of my friends found a bit of a cliff off the side of a run. So we hiked up to the top of it and then my friend went off it with out even looking of what was really at the bottom. Partly because of peer pressure I followed. The next thing I know I’m flying off the cliff, to see my friend hanging on to the branch of a tree for dear life. It was so funny that I began to laugh and wiped out. Nevertheless I redeemed myself by doing a 540 over a tabletop with my friend on top of taking a picture. It was awesome, I only wish it wasn’t night so the picture would have turned out so I could show everyone. It was by far my best time skiboarding ever!!!

Age: 19
British Columbia, Canada

I love skiboarding, it’s the best thing I have ever done on the snow. I’ve done snowboarding and I’ve done skiing but nothing compares to skiboards. Last year I had so much fun riding the double blacks and taking on the terrain parks. Skiboards were the best for both things. And was seriously the best website to buy skiboard products because they were the cheapest and they had the most selection available. I looked at other web sites and nothing compared to


Tips from England

Nice to see a site dedicated to skiboards. I first saw skiboards on a school ski trip to France, where I brought a pair of ‘Gaspo’ skiboards for 300 francs which is less than 50 dollars or so I work it out to be. They were so cheap and I was addicted. I was an average skier, but I found skiboards easy to use in the snowboard park as they were on piste. I was interested in them as I preferred skiing to snowboarding and I wanted something which was different. Since then I have brought a pair of Salomon ‘Grom’ snowblades because my cheap pair got damaged when I was on a dry slope and I am attempting more and more stupid tricks. I have some tips for beginners which may seem obvious but still:

1. Get some leashes (or bye bye skiboards)
2. Buy some wax
3. Prepare to fall a bit

Surrey, UK

Dear Skiboard Superstore,

I, Howard, started riding full length skis at age 10 in 2004. As I got older, I started wondering why skis had to be so long and cumbersome. I took out a book from the library on snow sports and discovered skiboarding. I tried the Salomon Snowblades for a couple of seasons and realized they weren’t great. Going back to my long skis, I yearned for a greater experience. I researched skiboards again and found out about Summit Skiboards. I ordered the Marauder 125 despite what the local ski shops kept telling me. However, all of Doc’s talk on his products turned out to be true. These skiboards ride much better than even my old skis. They are not lighter, but are much more maneuverable and user friendly. I ride them on steep tree runs with powder whenever I can. They are much better than any long skis I have tried and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys alpine snow sports. Don’t listen to what the local shops say, listen to what Doc has to say!

British Columbia, Canada

Skiboarding has converted me to an addicted skiboarding nut!

After nearly twenty years of being a relucant skier, skiboarding has converted me to an addicted skiboarding nut! I used to ski because my friends did. I wasn’t good at it and really didn’t even like it. I never really felt like I was in control and I certainly couldn’t claim to be having fun. After a while I just stopped going.

Three years ago, I joined some friends for a ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. I skied two days out of ten but I still had a great time. I took over 700 slides and ended up with some once in a lifetime images that hang on my walls now.

This January we returned to Zermatt. The three of us that went last time and another friend went on this trip and I was determined to ski more and like it better. Rather than rent skis, I rented Snowblades. Three years ago, the Big Foot skiboards were popular there and now the Salomon Snoblades seemed to be in most rental shops. I was leaning towards trying mini-skis of some sort and pretty much decided on the way there that I would try them at least one day.

I ended up trying them the first day out. It was instant love! I skied them on lots of blue trails and a few reds. When I tried them on steeper black trails I found that I couldn’t get enough edge to stay in control. The rental pair were fairly beat up which may have contributed to this feeling. I rented Snowblades a few more days and used them on blues and reds, staying off the really steep stuff. I had a great time and decided to research the available products and get a pair when I got home.

Besides being a blast to ride, skiboards had another big appeal: no poles! Because of their lightweight, there is nothing to unweighting the skis to turn, so unless you want them for moral support, poles aren’t needed. This was two less things for me to carry around. In Zermatt, that’s a big deal. We were being “manly” or something so we always walked to the lifts and back, usually with ample Apres Ski at the Papperla Pub on our way back. Those little light skis with no poles were the envy of everyone on the way back at night, perhaps more so than on the slopes during the day!

When I got back home, I started looking for skiboards locally. Not having much luck, I turned to the web. Fortunately, my search landed me at pretty fast. I read the reviews and articles, looked over the various models, and exchanged email with They advised me on a few possible matches. I wanted something I could ski anywhere on the mountain and start to try some basic tricks on. I’m 37 and not interested in flips or anything too dangerous but riding fakie, spinning, reasonable jumps and bumps and playing in the half-pipe all interest me. I wanted to ski on New England’s ice and groomed, packed powder but also be able to ski in powder (the Snoblades and me didn’t get along in powder).

Amongst the recommendations, the Atomic Fun Machine (similar to this season’s Freezone 99) sounded good as they were more like skis and closer to the Snoblades I had so much fun on in Switzerland, but with better carving.

They were right on their recommendations. I bought a pair of Atomic Fun Machines locally and got to work right away. They were great except when I hit powder and they felt a little narrow when I tried jumping. They handled the New England ice pretty well though and their 100cm length felt good at faster speeds.

I ordered some AMX-Pro’s (wider model similar to Journey 87cm) from and tried them the next weekend. As promised, they were good all mountain choices. I skied them on blues and blacks, tried small jumps, played through the bumps, and even got to cruise through some fresh powder from the skies and the snowguns. The AMX-Pro’s wider footprint felt a lot better going over the powder. On the ice I had to work a little to get used to really getting up on the edges for carving on groomed, packed powder over ice but once I figured that out I was ready for most anything on the regular trails.

If you’re looking for an all-mountain skiboard and can only get one pair, I like the AMX-Pro a lot and would recommend it or other boards like it. The Fun Machine is a blast too and I like it better for some stuff but I wouldn’t want it to be my only short ski. I’ll be skiing these further north and spring skiing in Utah so I’ll submit more reviews when I’ve tried sufficiently new and different terrain.

A reformed, reluctant skier,

Framingham, MA
Age: 37

A blast!!!
I was an intermediate long-skier at best. My son was snowboarding and I was able to follow him between the trees and through the various paths on the slopes. The best part, I was in control. This is an awesome change for those of us who haven’t quite mastered the long ski.

Age 41

Church Pastor Converts

I’m a 40-year old Church Pastor who just this year discovered skiboarding. I love it! Growing up in the tropics I surfed with family and friends for weekend recreation. However, for the past 20 years I lived in the South without any exposure to good beaches or winter sports – or snow for that matter!

Last year we moved to Central Wisconsin. I quickly realized I needed to find an enjoyable winter hobby if I were to survive and stay sane during these long winter months.

I came across your website, ordered a pair of Snowjam 85’s and was tearing up the 1/2 pipe the second time out. After skiing and snowboarding I was amazed at how much I could do on skiboards in such a short time. (My teenage kids think I’m a little nuts but now they too have something to look forward to next winter).

A satisfied customer,

I have a pair of the Salomon SB8 skiboards, and I love them. It doesn’t even feel like I’m skiing, but rollerblading or ice skating instead. A lot of my friends had skiboards, and they’d always rant and rave about how great they were, and that I was missing out and blah blah blah. But, one day I did actually listen, and I gave skiboarding a shot…and from then on, I fell in love with it. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to regular skiing. So, I ran out and bought my own pair. I use them all the time. I was somewhat new to skiing to begin with, before I tried the skiboards. But, that didn’t matter, because the sport is sooooo easy to pick up. There are so many tricks and other things that I can do with skiboards that I would never have been able to do with regular skis, and for that I’m grateful. I had gotten discouraged because I couldn’t really get the hang of regular skiing. It was extremely hard. I almost gave up. But I saw all these other kids whizzing around on mini-skis when I said that looks like fun. So with the encouragement of my friends, I have become a die-hard skiboarder for life.

Age 16
Cincinnati, Ohio

I will never go back to long skis!

I just had to write and tell you I loved skiboards from the day I tried them. I’m a 30 something mother of four and hadn’t skied for 12 years. I was teaching my two oldest and tried the skiboards. Now I will never go back to “long skis”. I wish I would have taught my kids on skiboards, it is so much easier. This year they will get skiboards for christmas, not ski’s.

Thanks for bringing the fun back!!!

Idaho Falls, ID
Age: 30 something

A Skiboarding Advocate

After 25 years of skiing, I converted to skiboarding about four years ago. This year I finally moved from the Salomon Buzz’s I found locally to real skiboards. I found I had to change my style. I talk to everyone I can on the slopes about skiboarding and am often asked how one “does it.” I even skied a half a day with one person before he asked me. I also heard several (at least 7) people say that it was just skiing with short boards, they had tried it and didn’t like it. I thought it a shame they didn’t give skiboarding a fair try.

For the sake of skiers wanting to try skiboards, let’s give them their best initial experience. How about publishing a booklet on “The Art of Joy: Skiboarding” Like articles in ski magazines (maybe this could be one of those as well)- use pictures to demonstrate techniques. What I see the need for is a basics– things like using a wider stance to capitalize on the carving of both boards, using more scissoring (a great benefit on the mixed crud), how to turn while fakie, etc. Another chapter could show the basics of tricks, half pipes (for us older ones who did not grow up on skateboards), and the possibilities on skiboards.

Hope to see you at the skiboarding championships at Loveland.


“I used em’ on a mountain and they were amazing!”

Hi, I am Joe. I’m 13 and I just got a pair of Saloman 90cm Snow Blades. I used to ski and I thought that was pretty fun but I guess one of my friends (a snowboarder) persuaded me to skiboard. I went to this site ( and checked them out. I thought in my head how fun it would be to skiboard because skiboards are smaller than skis so that made me think about having something smaller on my feet that are lighter would give me more control and a greater performance than with big skis. I read the reviews on and heard just what I wanted. Everything I thought Skiboards would do, did! I used em’ on a mountain and they were amazing!

Carmel, Maine

First time skiboarding in Scotland

Hey the snow is a coming. Been trying out my new Skiboards on dry slopes, as over here in Scotland we don’t get snow till late December. Really looking forward to it. After 2-3 runs it was so easy, had loads of fun on the dry slopes, so real snow should be a blast. Best investment I have made.



Well as all you skiboarders know, people are always coming up to me and saying “Wow, what are those they look cool?” I have to explain and I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I show them some tricks because they are going to go home and spread the word about skiboarding. I live in Scotland so the truth is that there aren’t many skiboarders around here right now but the news is spreading. Skiboards are known as snowblades over here because of Salomon’s domination in the Scottish ski market. We had our first competition over here this year but I would have to travel to England to take part in the freestyle events and they were on a dry slope boardpark! So I just wanted people in Britain, especially Scotland, to know how great skiboarding is. All us skiboarders need to pull together and make a few nice big comps. Cya all this year on the slopes! Have a cool time!

Glasgow, Scotland

If You Don’t Try These, You Are Missing Out On Something Great

Several years ago my friends had been urging me to join our school’s ski club and for the first couple years I turned them down. Finally I woke up and decided to join. We went to quite a small resort where we were only able to rent skis or snowboards and without even hearing of skiboards yet, I decided to start on skis. It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it, actually I looked pitiful going down the hill. When I finally did get the hang of it though, I was bombing the hills in no time. I would have to say what helped me out a lot was having roller bladed for about five years before starting. I would recommend blading a few times before you start skiboarding, it can tell you a lot about your ability.

After the first year, I already got sick of skiing and was ready for a new challenge – Skiboards. I had seen a few others crusing around on them and I knew I had to try them out for myself. By that time I was in a high school ski club where we went to a larger resort that rented skis and snowboards but also skiboards. What held me back though was my friends. They kept telling me that I would be terrible and I would just be holding them back because they would have to wait for me. Ha ha. They did keep me from trying it for a couple weeks, but I was determined and eventually I got a chance to try it. While waiting in the rental line, all I heard about was how terrible I was going to do. I showed them all right, on my very first run I bombed the hill and beat them all to the bottom. From that time on I was to be a dedicated skiboarder for life. Don’t let your friends hold you back, you should try skiboards if it feels like something could be missing when you are hitting the slopes on your skis.

Well, I hope that the snow comes soon up here so I can get back to carving up the slopes again. Peace out.

Falconer, New York

I have to add a testimonial, of sorts, to those already offered by former, conventional skiers. I have been skiing since age three, have been a part-time and full-time ski instructor at different times, from age fourteen to age forty-six. Today, at age fifty-one, I rented a pair of Salomon Snow Blades at Bristol Mountain, out of curiosity…

Back in the early Sixties, Cliff Taylor popularized ‘shortee skiis’ (and there was also, later, an instructional system, the Graduated Length Method, or GLM, that began with beginners on short boards). Other than the pure novelty of radically short skiis, even hybrids that were double-tipped, they were singularly unimportant in a world where it was often the case that the longer the ski, the better the skier…210/215cm’s were marks of prowess. So, my experience on short boards was limited to playing on ‘shortees skiis’.

I had the most exhilarating day on snow, in six years, on the Salomon Snow Blades. Awesome experience carving tight corners, laying out long, tight tracks of eight or twelve fast 360’s, riding one-legged with great carving ability for a whole run, pushing them fast, and off the wall. After forty-eight years on those long, excrutiatingly expensive skiis – $1200 for skiis and bindings! – I’m converting to skiboards. Done Deal. Don’t look back (actually, do look back…because it’s so mucn easier to ski backwards on skiboards than skis).

They are phenomenal – and I’ve only demo’d one pair of rentals for one day – and I can’t wait to be out in the bumps and getting some air and having tools on my body fit for a terrain park. While I’ll have to demo some, to decide on Width, Length, Etceteras (for the price, Hey, get Two Pair, for less than one pair of long boards), I’m gone. They are a whole different, exhilarating experience. Like being on a road bike and then discovering mountain bikes…like decaf versus double espresso…hey, when I get my headphones and my tunes and my board….awesome experience!!!

I had to tell someone! I’m not a writer of testimonials…but the experience is an awesome legal high. Anyway, your site gets rave reviews. I’ll be buying from you as soon as I test more boards. And, if you guys have a t-shirt or baseball cap, I’ll wear it with pride. What a sport!!!

Age: 51

How I Got Rid of My Wintertime Blues

When I was a little kid I thought winter time was the greatest. There was sledding, snowmen, snowballs, cross-country skiing, snowdays, snow forts etc… Well when I got older my friends and I lost our imaginations and shifted towards other things. I began to look at wintertime as a depressive, indoor season.

This all changed when my friend introduced me to snowblading (skiboarding) in mid March of this year. I had never been downhill skiing or snowboarding in my life so I thought this would be an awful experience. Boy was I wrong, these ski’s make downhill a breeze. I thought I’d be on the bunny hill all day but after my second trip down I was on the lift to the top of the mountain. I really couldn’t believe it, I feel in love with the sport on the first day. After my second day of skiing (at West Mountain, New York) I went out and bought a pair. They were used but they look brand new and had bindings (which can cost as much as the ski’s sometimes). I advise anyone if they find a used pair with bindings and minimal scratches to take advantage, I bought mine for $120. I also need boots, I know regular ski boots aren’t made for these but that’s all i’ve been using when i rented and their fine, for me anyway.

Just after 3 or 4 days I looked like I’d been skiing for years. On the last day of the season (at Gore) me and my friend were off-trailing (yes these ski’s do awful when going slow in unpacked snow, but all the snow had a good crust on it this day, even if it was 60 degrees out). This was so much fun, by the end of the day we had a good trail going that weaved back and forth onto the main trail which produced some great jumps for us. Pretty soon kids on all types of ski’s and boards were following us into the trails.

If I have anything important to say at all let it be this: if you sit in your house all winter and haven’t tried downhill skiing because you think you might kill yourself, try a day on skiboards. From what I’ve seen their balance and maneuverability are unsurpassed even for people who are a little uncoordinated. It’s better to have a friend who knows what he or she is doing. Anyone who has skied all there life but wants to be more adventurous should give these a try. Off-trailing is endless fun, you’re like pioneers of the mountain. This sport has certainly brought my love for winter back. I’m looking all over for the best season pass deal and can’t wait for next snowfall.

Good luck to anyone to take me on my word.

Age 17
Saratoga, New York

I love to skiboard. I used to be a skier and this year was my first year of skiboarding. It was so much easier to do 360’s,720’s, 900’s and front flips. I loved it so much. If you have never tried it, you should give it a try. If you like to have fun on the slopes, definitely give skiboarding a try.

Will St. Lodi, Ohio

After one day of using my “shortie skis” my long ski style has improved 1000%. I’ve discovered my center & balance & ski without thinking about it. My second outing with shorties was pure fun on more challenging routes down the mountain

Thanks, Debbie

Snowbowl, Flagstaff  AZ


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