No More Ski Lessons – Just Have Fun!

No More Ski Lessons – Just Have Fun! By Doc Roberts, PhD.

Why do people spend their precious vacation time stuck in lessons? Aren’t they at the ski slopes to just have fun with their families? Feel like you are stuck in a rut – beginning or intermediate?

If you fit this category, read on. Folks, it is the equipment. The current paradigm or mindset is that you must ride skis (or snowboards) and there are no other alternatives. Of course, who does this benefit? The ski or snowboard industry. Buy expensive products and then take lessons (seemingly endlessly) learning how to ride them. Oh, and keep your insurance paid up.

Enter the alternative snowriding tools. Called skiboards (often referred to as ski boards, snowblades, skiblades or short skis), these break the hypnotic trance created by the ski and snowboard paradigms. Yes, you can have fun, right from the first day. Yes, you can learn on your own, quickly, Yes, you can transcend the fear that is usually associated with those longer platforms. Skiboards are shorter, one per foot, that feel more like skating than skiing.

Why don’t you need lessons? Well, perhaps if you have never gotten off a ski lift before, it would help to learn that. As far as balance, gliding on snow and making turns, there are no special skills to turn or stop. It is the longer skis or snowboards that need lessons so you can turn and stop something that is quite unnatural to the human body. Sure, if you want to master it at all costs, go right ahead and learn to ski or snowboard.

However, most people who start on skiboards find that their ski skills (should one day they choose to ride them) improve quite automatically. There was a time when the ski industry had it right. They taught the graduated ski method. Start them on shorter planks and let them master that, then gradually incease their length.

The mentality though is that you must ride longer skis. This is just not true! Who says how you should be living your life or enjoying your vacation time? Screw that. Have fun, the kind of fun you have dreamed of when you think of going skiing in Aspen, or Vail, or Park City or wherever. With skiboards, you can now do that.

Toss in the fact that these fit regular ski boots, poles really aren’t necessary and they are lighter and safer than anything else and you are set for a good time. Your body knows how to do this – assuming you can stand up in your living room on your own without falling over. Skiboards reguire an upright stance, not a forward lean and a natural turning and stopping will just happen. You don’t need those expensive boots either that put you into a forward lean. Regular upright boots, more beginning and intermediate that are also more comfortable and easier to walk in. We usually find the right ski boots for riding skiboards each season and offer them on our website.

Why not have fun on your next ski vacation? Do you really want to spend all that money and be in lessons instead of truly enjoying the mountain? With skiboards, you progress very quickly and can ride any part of the mountain anyone else can. These are a real confidence builder. Imagine, no matter what the mountain throws at you, no fear! You can get down it. And now you can go where your friends or family go without concern.

While you don’t hear much about skiboards, you will most likely see someone riding them if you look. Go ask them – they will tell you how easy and how much fun they are. You have nothing to lose by trying them. If you don’t like them, you can always plunk yourself into lessons again. What will others think? Who cares – its your life to live. Maybe it is time to buck the system and do what makes you happy – a great philosophy for the slopes as well as your life.

If you want to try before you buy, consider renting first. Now not all resorts offer skiboards (snowblades) for rent so we developed our own Rental By Mail program. You can choose from our large variety of skiboards. We even have a discount program where if you like them, we apply the rental price to the purchase. You can’t lose.

For more information, visit our Skiboards University or feel free to call us, email us at:

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