Skiboard Tuning Guide

Skiboard Tuning Guide and Tuning Supplies for Skiboards

Little do we know of the psychological difference between a champion and second place, but science has proven the long term effects of caring for your bases. Champions go fast. They must in order to achieve the correct velocity time and time again.

You’ve felt the pain of a junk landing. Imagine your bases being torn to shreds on tiny ice crystals all day long. In a day, the quickest world cup base turns from butter to sandpaper. That is why world cup tuners wax 1 pair of skis more than twenty times for a single race. Think they go a bit overboard? For our uses, in a word… yes. We need to glide, but we don’t need to glide faster than 120 other world class athletes. Or do we?

Do you want to be slower than your bro after the second day? Don’t wax. He’ll school you. Then after the fifth day, he’ll be waiting in the lift line for you. OR … Take 10 minutes each time you go out. And love your ride the whole season.

Maintaining Edges:

You need to keep your steel edges clean and polished. That means:

1) Don’t whack your edges together when you are bored sitting on the lift – that creates nicks that will catch an edge and drop you on your ass.

2) Dry them out at the end of the day so they don’t rust.

3) Use our pocket edge tuner to keep your edges smooth and sharp. This allows you to hold a better edge, particularly on ice.

4) For more in-depth maintenance use our Quick Mini Tune Kit that includes a debur stone, pocket edger and wipe-on wax with instructions.


Don’t care to hot wax, then get our ready to go on-the-slope High Velocity Wipe-on Wax with step-by-step instructions.

For more information on waxing visit our page: Keep Your Bases in Prime Shape

Repair Base Work:

Want a smooth ride?

Look for gouges. If there is a tear in the base, run a razor blade across it tip to tail. No hangers. Gouges will slow you down so take your time. If the gouge goes to the core, time for a p-tex repair. The fastest way to ruin a pair of boards is to ride them with the inner material exposed. You can do yourself or take to a shop (recommended).

For Do-it-yourselfers:

Light the p-tex stick with a lighter while rotating to gain the desired consistency. The p-tex will acquire a flame of its own origin. Keep spinning. Think welding with honey. Allow gravity to pull the p-tex deep into the pores of the core. No bubbles. Slightly over fill. Allow the p-tex to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Use a razor or Metal Scraper to make the weld flush. Slice tip to tail. A quality effort will increase speed. Then wax your bases.

Skiboard Carry Bag:

Where a lot of damage can occur to your skiboards is being thrown in the trunk or when traveling. Protect your investment by using the Carry Bag. This has cinch straps to hold them together, is padded for protection and allows room for small stuff as well.

Learn more about skiboards at our university.

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