Skiboard Tricks Revealed!

Skiboard Tricks Revealed!

180: Twisting or spinning halfway around from where you started.

270 on /270 off: Twist around two hundred and seventy degrees, while simultaneously jumping on the jib, or exiting the rail.

360: Spinning all the way around once.

540: One and a half spins in the air.

720: Two spins in the air.

900: Two and a half spins in the air.

1080: Three spins in the air.

Alley-Oop: Twist around, outside of the halfpipe.

Back Flip: Flipping backwards off a jump.

Backside Grind: Jump with back towards rail and slide.

Bios: Twisting (spinning) off kilter, leaning off of axis.

Bio 360: Grab with a full spin.

Bio 540: Grab, full spin and a half, landing fakie (facing backwards uphill).

Bio 720: Grab with two full spins in the air and landing facing forwards.

Bio 900: Grab, two and a half spins in the air, landing fakie.

Butter: Switch from backwards (fakie) to forward without jumping up and leaving the ground.

Corkscrew: Sideways front flip with a 180 twist and land backwards.

Fakie: Ride backwards.

Fast line: Hold one leg on the 50/50.

Frontside Grind: Jump up facing the rail and slide. (Backside Grind: Rail slide backwards.)

Grab: To grab either or both skiboards with one or both hands.

Grind: Also called a railslide, but it refers to slipping, sliding, scraping, grating, or grinding on a rail, log, cement edge, or some other object.

Hand-rails: Riding on hand rails.

Kind Grind: Uphill skiboard grinds straight along rail (parallel).

Landing Fakie: Landing backwards.

Late 360 cross-up: Cross the right leg over the left and assume an almost horizontal position in the air, then at the last second, bring it around and complete a 360 before landing.

Late: Used to describe doing a trick or style late into the jump. Also referred to as stall.

Liu Kang: Grab skiboard with one hand, and the other leg kicks out to the side.

Makio: One grinds on the rail straight along it (parallel). You can face forwards or backwards.

Method: Grab right foot with right hand.

Misty Flip: Dropping shoulder, rotating 540° on your side and landing fakie.

Mizou: Downhill skiboard grinds straight along the rail (parallel), uphill skiboard grinds perpendicular. It creates an L going down the hill.

Mr. T: Go huge and stretch vertically.

Mute Grab: Grab with the right hand over the top of the left foot and pull the feet off to the opposite side (or reversed).

Nose press: Grinding using just the fronts or tips of your skiboards.

Nutcracker: While doing a sideways split, the rider grabs the tip of the skiboard on the front leg and the tail of the skiboard on the back leg.

Off axis: Tilted in the air, either slightly to the “east” or the “west”, slightly off kilter, and purposely leaning one way while in the air.

Parellel Grab: Reach over the top of the knees and grab the left foot with the right hand (or reverse).

Pretzel: Twisting, pulling a 180 or 360 from the jib you’re on. This includes changing the direction of the original twist off of the jib you’re on.

Ride into hit fakie, air to 180. Now you are facing forward in the air, you then throw a 720 misty flip. Spot the transition and stomp your landing.

Rodeo or Bio Flip: Going off the jump, the rider rotates to do an almost back flip with a twist, like a corkscrew.

Slopestyle: This event comes from snowboarding, and includes typical motocross obstacles such as banks, spines, and tabletops, as well as the other snowboard-specific elements such as mailboxes, handrails, gaps, quarter pipes, and other such cool park-style obstacles.

Sock-eyed Salmon: Front grab with a twist.

Spins: 180, 360, 720, 900 (2 1/2 rotations), 1080 (3 full rotations), etc.

Stale Japan: When a trick is intentionally started late into the jump.

Switchback: Ride into hit fakie, throw a back flip as you air. Spot your landing and ride it out.

Tail press: Grind using just the tails or backs of your skiboards.

Tweaked Out: Tight grab while performing trick.

Yoda: Crossed-leg position in the air.

Yoda 360: Assuming the Yoda position in a spin.

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