Summit Ecstatic 99cm GS Skiboards


Summit Ecstatic 99cm Skiboards – these skiboards are still the best 99 cm skiboards ever produced. Pure adult fun on the slopes.


Discover why we call these Ecstatic! The Summit Ecstatic 99cm GS Skiboards are super energetic skiboards for quick, easy turns, stability at speed, symmetrical twin tips for spinning and playing on the mountain. Constructed specifically for all mountain riding, the wide body shape is equally at home on the groomed runs as well as in the crud or simply floating through powder. These skiboards are still the best 99 cm skiboards ever produced. Summit skiboards are designed with one goal in mind – to take the sport of skiboarding to a new level of performance.  These new Ecstatics are going to let you push the limits of what you thought was possible on the ski slopes.

Handcrafted, one pair at a time, with extreme attention to detail, the Summit Ecstatic 99cm GS Skiboards feature a vertically laminated tip-to-tail northern birch wood core and parabolic sidecut. New this year is a hybrid ABS Sidewall/Cap construction. This construction allows for maximum performance and stability at speed, holding an edge no matter how hard you charge it. Cap construction is used in the front and rear for greater durability.  Go ahead, lay it over and drag your hand on the ground and experience the thrill that these skiboards can provide. Smooth, rock solid performance and incredible stability at speed.

Designed for true all mountain riding, these handcrafted skiboards will take you into those breathtaking steep chutes or flying through the glades in total control. The wide body platform delivers great floatation in the deep stuff, offering awesome performance for something this size. You can lean hard on the back tails and they are going to support you, a true comfort to know during those deep powder days. Edges hold even on ice.

Symmetrical twin tips make it easy to ride forwards and backwards or just spin down the mountain. No matter what you choose to take on, the new Summit Ecstatic 99cm GS 3D Skiboards are simply made to push the envelope of what you thought was possible on skiboards. Bases are sintered graphite for maximum wax retention, durability and enhanced speed.

“The Summit Ecstatic 99 is made for fast turns, varying conditions and speed. It’s a great all around skiboard for intermediate to advanced riders.” Doc Roberts, President, Summit Skiboards

Recommended for: advanced and intermediate riders and beginners who are ready to take a quantum leap in their ability level.

Excellent for: groomed, moguls, quick turns in the glades, fun in the parks and just pure play.

All Mountain∆∆∆∆∆
Terrain Parks∆∆∆∆∆

Sold in Pairs.

Tuning: These require a hot wax. You can have us provide our hot wax service before we ship or we suggest the Quick Mini Tune Kit to do yourself.

Warranty: 2 years

Base color will vary between White with Black lettering or Black with White lettering.


Atomic M10 bindings are adjustable, step-in release bindings and Grip Walk boot compatible. These come with free mounting and free wide brake. These fit ski boots size approx. 4-14 US. DIN: 3-10.

Strive MNC 11 Performance Bindings. Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of boot soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR). It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides extra lateral power transmission, steering, flex and dampening. Platform is also 30% wider than comparable bindings so it works particularly well with progressive wider skiboards. DIN range of 3.5 to 11.

Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings. The Custom Pro DS features a partial wrap around cuff at the top (referred to as a “double scruff” or DS for short) that provides additional stability and even quicker response for aggressive carving and maximum performance with skiboards. The three rachet buckle straps make it easy to get just that perfect fit.  Fits snowboard boot sizes 7-14 US. This kit includes Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings, all hardware, Summit Riser Kit. Everything you need to mount and ride with snowboard boots on skiboards.

Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit. This kit allows you to convert your existing snowboard bindings for use with skiboards including Summit Riser Kit, Booster strap to hold you in place and 2 leashes.

Read more about various Skiboard Binding Options.

Bags: The 100 cm Carry Bag fits these if with ski bindings. If you order with snowboard bindings choose the 130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag Double.

More about How to Choose the Right Skiboards

Additional information


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Ability Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Preferred Bindings

Ski Release Bindings, Snowboard Bindings

Preferred Terrain

Backcountry/Powder, Groomed, On/Off Trail, Terrain Park


Length: 99 cm
Tip/Tail Height: 5.6/5.6 cm
Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 13/11/13 cm
Turn Radius: 6.8 m

Effective Edge: 72cm


ABS Cap/Sidewall Construction: The high energy, lively wood core is sandwiched between two top layers of triaxial fiberglass, a layer of Kevlar and a bottom layer of triaxial fiberglass providing just the right combination of flex and torsional stiffness that offers an incredibly smooth ride. In addition, an extra layer of biaxial fiberglass is added to maintain the smooth tip-to-tail flex allowing just the right carving feel. A layer of rubber dampening makes for vibration absorption while still allowing for maximum “road feel”. The Ecstatic 99 advantages include increased torsional stability, greater edge protection, enhanced power transfer to the edges, additional vibration dampening, greater strength and reinforce the full length flex from tip to tail.

Wood core: vertically laminated birch wood core runs the full length of the skiboards, tip to tail, providing a highly responsive energy as well as greater long term durability. The wood is Northern Hemisphere birch which is very light, yet super strong. Colder temperatures create wood that is denser, thus super strong, while being very light in weight. This is why we choose wood from the Northern Hemisphere. This wood allows for a smooth flex throughout the length of the skiboards.

360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel edges: protects your skiboards from those unexpected dings while providing superior edge grip.

Wide Body Shape: a large skiboard surface area for maximum stability, floatation and speed.

Symmetrical Twin-tips: makes it easier to ride forwards as well as backwards (fakie). Excellent handling in the parks and pipes. Also, makes for the most perfect carves.

Die-Cut Sintered bases: this is one of the best base materials for durability, maximum wax absorption and speed. These p-tex 4000 bases have less friction and thus more speed as well as less vulnerability to abrasion and impacts.

Carbonium Top Sheet: one of the strongest top sheets available (and very rare) that not only offers amazing top sheet protection from those potential dings and chips, but allows the sharp graphics to show through in all their detail. Includes UV protective layer.

Sidewall Bevel: further protects the top sheet from those occasional nicks.

Stainless Steel inserts: 4 stainless steel inserts are centered within each skiboard, in a standard 40 X 40 mm skiboard binding mount pattern for non-release bindings. A centered stance gives you greater flexibility in customizing your preferred riding position. This also increases the retention strength of the bindings and allows for quick and accurate mounting, making it easy to interchange with other 4 hole pattern bindings.

Custom fit aluminum reinforcement mounting layer: This layer provides maximum retention no matter what bindings you prefer to use (ours or yours while not inhibiting flex.

Base bevel: 1 degree and side bevel of 89 degrees – great for carving with ease. These aggressive edges are great for ice, and lay it over carving.



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