Skiboard Rentals by Mail


Skiboard Rentals by Mail program is perfect for you, friends and your family to try out skiboards you may not find anywhere else. Sorry – only Continental U.S. destinations. Your skiboards come ready to go. Ski Bindings – adjust to your boots and set release DIN Setting. Snowboard Bindings – just tighten 1 screw on each (instructions included).

We Deliver Direct To Your Lodge or local UPS Center! We don’t ship to AirB&B’s, VRBO’s, etc. 

We Charge Only For Actual Days You Ride Them, Not For Time In Transit. 

Get a 10% off coupon to use towards the purchase of a new pair of skiboards after rental return.

Rent Skiboards By Mail:

1. Submit skiboards rental agreement below:


2. You will be invoiced through Paypal for rental days plus shipping. You don’t need a paypal account and can pay with credit card. To secure your reservation and guarantee on time shipment, pay invoice ASAP.

3. Return rentals when rental period is over. We pay return shipping with enclosed UPS label. Repackage in original box, place UPS return label enclosed over other label and drop off at a UPS delivery point or call 1-800-PICKUPS for pick up.. NOTE: Many resorts have regular UPS pickup.

NOTE: Rentals returned broken, damaged, missing parts or otherwise abused will be assessed repair or replacement charges (unless due to manufacturer warranty). IMPORTANT: Rentals not returned immediately after your rental period ends will be charged for extra rental days or for full replacement, (unless you want to purchase them). 

Skiboard Rentals Available:

(2 Day Minimum to 7 day maximum).

Skiboards With Release Adjustable Ski Boot Bindings: $42 per day.

Elan Freeline 99cm

Summit Easy Rider 79cm

K2 Fatty 88 cm

Summit EZ 95 cm (or Head 94m)

Summit 88 cm

Summit Ecstatic/Carbon 99cm

Summit Sk8 96cm Rocker/Camber Skiboards

Summit GroovN 106cm Rocker/Camber Skiboards

Summit 110cm

Summit Invertigo Rocker/Camber 118cm

Summit Marauder 125cm (NOTE: additional ship charge applies due to oversize)

Skiboards With Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers: $52 (charges are per day of use).

Summit Ecstatic/Carbon 99cm

Summit 88cm

Summit Sk8 96cm Rocker/Camber

Summit GroovN 106cm Rocker/Camber

Summit 110cm Skiboards

Summit Invertigo 118cm Rocker/Camber

Ski Boot Rentals? We don’t rent ski boots by mail, but most local resorts and rental shops offer boots for rent. Get boots that have a more upright stance and softer flex (like 60/70/80) and close to your shoe size.

Shipping Details:

Only Continental U.S. destinations. Rentals are shipped by 3 day UPS Guaranteed Delivery direct to your location of choice ( home or lodge) to arrive the day before you need them (NOTE: no weekend deliveries and weekends don’t count in guaranteed ship time). UPS 3 day guaranteed shipping charge is $65.00 for the first pair; $48 for each additional pair. We no longer ship 2 day or overnight shipping. Make sure to contact us with plenty of time.

If your ship to address turns out undeliverable or incorrect, we do not refund shipping charges. We will refund your rental fees upon return. If we don’t receive them, you’ll be charged the full cost of the skiboards.

10% off purchase of new Skiboards after Rental:

After returning rentals, you will receive a 10% off coupon to use towards purchase of any new pair of skiboards. NOTE: Purchase must be made within 60 days after time of rental. Place purchase order online using coupon code we email to you.



Choosing the Right Skiboards

More about different skiboard bindings

What are Skiboards? 



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