130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag Double


A hit seventeen years running now, the best skiboard bag on the market is back! The 130cm Padded Skiboard Bag Black will fit those longer skiboards and shorter skis.

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The 130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag Double fits those longer skiboards like the Summit Marauder 125 & Invertigo 118, Elan 125 & Rossignol 118 and of course the Summit Bamboo 110 or GroovN 106. New this season, these are the same quality as our other carry bags. We couldn’t think of any improvements to add again to this great bag, because this bag has it all! This bag features an extended width to accommodate any skiboards with release bindings as well as technine or other snowboard bindings. This bag will also fit two pairs of skiboards up to 130cm in length.

We designed our skiboard bag for the skiboarder on the go. Fully padded and lined, this is the ultimate heavy-duty bag to protect your investment – whether in your trunk, as carry-on luggage, or in the belly of the plane as you’re off to new adventures! Inner straps cinch tight around your skiboards to eliminate sliding and damage, while the padded shoulder and hand carrying straps let you carry your skiboards in comfort.

Fits boards up to 130 cm with some room left for other small items. We’ve also added a roomy outside zippered pouch for incidentals. Embroidered with the logo in red and white, this 130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag proclaims your passion for skiboarding, but doesn’t limit you to any one brand.

Specs: 130 cm X 34.5 cm X 16.5 cm

Color: Black.

Warranty: 1 year

NOTE: If you want a bag to fit the Snowjam 90, Summit ZR88, Summit EZ 95, Summit Sk8 96 or Summit Ecstatic/Carbon Pro 99 with snowboard bindings then get the 125 cm or 130cm bag. This 130cm bag will fit any skiboards with snowboard bindings up to 130cm in length. This bag will also fit two pairs of skiboards up to 130cm in length.

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