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The Atomic M10 release ski bindings are easy adjust bindings with full release step-in capability and allow full flex of skiboards.

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The Atomic M10 release ski bindings are easy adjust bindings with full release step-in capability. These are the bindings we chose once again this season to mount on our skiboards for a variety of reasons. First, Atomic is known for their top quality skis and bindings and this binding is no exception. Second, we use adjustable bindings in order to provide you with not only the ability to fit a range of ski boot sizes, but also so that you can adjust your bindings on the fly (moving forward or back to adjust to conditions and personal preference).

The Atomic M10 Grip Walk combines high performance with minimal weight and maximum stability. These bindings are made to allow full flex of the skiboards. These are direct mounted as that provides the best performance (over outdated methods of using riser plates with release bindings) according to decades of product testing by all major binding manufacturers, including Atomic and Salomon. These are Grip Walk compatible for all the new boots using this feature.
The M10 boasts excellent release values and is easy to operate. Adjusting the front clamp and heel is child’s play. These bindings feature: DIN range of 3-10. Twin pivot. Toe height adjustment. Adjustments can be done by hand and fits ski boot sizes 257-380 mm (approx. size 4 – 14 U.S.). Height: 30mm. When ordering skiboards with these bindings, we offer FREE mounting ($35 value) and FREE Wide Brakes ($40 value).

Atomic Bindings are designed to allow full flex of the skiboards. This offers significant advantages over fixed, non-release bindings as well as riser plates mounted with ski bindings.

Atomic Ski Binding Flex of Skiboards
Atomic Ski Binding Flex of Skiboards

Color: Black/White

Note:  As these are adjustable, you can always make adjustments on the fly by simply moving the toe and heel pieces back or forwards together for your preferred riding style in varying conditions.

NOTE: You can use snowboard boots with ski release bindings offering convenience with additional safety. Check out the new Mad Jacks Snowboard Boot Adaptor bindings.

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