Joy is something we choose, that we actively create. It is not something that happens randomly. Joy points the way to our higher development, success and energy. Our soul is nourished by joy. When we choose joy first, everything else unfolds: physical, emotional and mental healing, greater prosperity, more harmony, etc. In joy, we are …


Joy and the Art of Skiboarding

It’s been quite a while since I wrote for my blog. As the season approaches however, I think about riding skiboards and my love of them. Opening the door to a new way of riding down the mountain, skiboards for me bring a feeling of freedom and joy. The experience of joy is really an …


Welcome back Y’all – November 2020!

Welcome back ya’ll! We’re super stoked here at Skiboards Superstore anticipating the winter season right around the corner! Our local area Wolf Creek is already open ~ whoop whoop! Who’s with us on the excitement to get out and play in the snow this year? I think we could ALL use that FLOW STATE to …


Skiboarding Tips

Skiboarding Tips: A few techniques to get you started in the sport of Skiboarding. 1.  Carving Nothing teaches you to stay centered quicker than a riding a pair of skiboards. Skiboards teach immediate centered stance.  Once you get the weight adjustment, the basics of carving are the same as skiing and inline skating —  it’s all …


Skiboards Museum

Welcome to our Skiboards Museum! We started our business in 1996, right when skiboards first hit the scene (well almost which you will find out more about). This amazing sport of skiboarding has a 23+ year history. For those of you who started out in the early years, just a refresher, for those new to …


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