Joy and the Art of Skiboarding

It’s been quite a while since I wrote for my blog. As the season approaches however, I think about riding skiboards and my love of them. Opening the door to a new way of riding down the mountain, skiboards for me bring a feeling of freedom and joy. The experience of joy is really an experience of when you are aligned with your Authentic Self, as opposed to the persona or false self.

What I find is riding skiboards allows me to just let go, be in my present self. Hand in hand with this presence is the experience of pure joy. This is a habit that can be cultured and then carried over to your daily life. Skiboarding shows the way to then reevaluate your everyday life and make changes more towards joy. The more you know joy, the more it seeps into the rest of your life.

Happiness is generally focused outwards. Driving in the country makes me happy, walking with my dog, being at a party. Joy, on the other hand, is internal. It is not dependent on outer circumstances to elicit it. Joy is ignited when we allow ourselves to be free, flow, let go and being present with our life. Many ways to reignite joy and the more the experience, the stronger the connection becomes.

From the teachings of neuroplasticity, we are changeable. It becomes a matter of reprogramming our neural network. That comes quite simply with repetition. Focus more on joy, have more joy till that becomes your default. It is not so much work as it is placing your attention where we choose for it to be.

Certain sports of course allow us to enter the Zone, where we are no longer operating out of our False self, completely let go and joy results. The reason I love skiboards is this experience of the Zone happens so much more quickly than sports that require years of effort.

Like many sports, skiboarding becomes an art form, a projection of your creativity and joy as you flow down the slopes. This is my personal experience and each time I ride, I feel as though I am creating a painting on the snow, grooving one way and the next, feel flowing down the mountain. I know many of you skiboarders know what I am talking about. For those who aren’t give it a try and find out for yourself.


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