Skiboards Museum

Welcome to our Skiboards Museum! We started our business in 1996, right when skiboards first hit the scene (well almost which you will find out more about). This amazing sport of skiboarding has a 23+ year history. For those of you who started out in the early years, just a refresher, for those new to skiboards, always good to know the history of the sport.

Developed originally by skaters to transfer skills to the slopes, many start up companies began creating their own models of skiboards including Canon skiboards, Line skiboards, Groove skiboards and Microski to name a few. Then other companies came along including Journey skiboards and a host of larger ski manufacturers like Fischer, Dynastar, Atomic, Salomon, Elan, Volkl, Head and more.

Check out our archives for some of the truly great models of skiboards once all the rage and still available in various online stores, ski shops and people’s garages.

Line Skiboards

Canon Skiboards

Groove Skiboards


Fischer Skiboards

Atomic Skiboards

Dynastar Skiboards

Salomon Skiboards (they called their version Snowblades)

Elan Skiboards

Volkl Skiboards

Head Skiboards


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