Skiboarding Tips

Skiboarding Tips: A few techniques to get you started in the sport of Skiboarding.

1.  Carving

Nothing teaches you to stay centered quicker than a riding a pair of skiboards. Skiboards teach immediate centered stance.  Once you get the weight adjustment, the basics of carving are the same as skiing and inline skating —  it’s all about where you apply foot pressure.  Keep your hands in front for balance, bend your knees and pressure the edge under foot on your outside ski. The only difference is that on skiboards you can weight both skis almost evenly, creating a whip-quick carved turn.

2.  Turning backward

There is nothing more alien to most skiers than skiing backward, which is exactly why it’s so much fun. The easiest forward-to-backward transition is to turn uphill until you completely change directions, slow to a halt and start sliding in reverse. However, to maintain forward speed, you need to learn the sliding turn.  This turn is driven primarily from the hips: By twisting them in the direction you want to turn, they’ll steer your skiboards smoothly and swiftly.  Do not focus on twisting your feet: you will be more likely to catch an edge.  As your body begins to rotate, try to keep your head motionless and facing downhill.  When you’ve turned 180 degrees, your shoulders will be perpendicular with the fall line and your head turned uphill.  With your knees bent, use a scissors stance (skiboards staggered with one foot ahead of the other) for greater stability.  To turn, while in reverse, concentrate on pressuring the downhill skiboards: the uphill one will follow.  Again, using your hips to steer the turn back to forward position will guarantee smooth execution.

3.  Getting air

Skiboards arc so light and maneuverable that they almost beg to be lifted off the snow.  The basics for getting air apply, but here’s one skiboard-specific tip: stagger your feet for a more stable landing and use your knees to absorb the impact like a pair of pistons.

Conclusion: while these tips can be followed for improved skiboarding techniques, skiboards are so easy to learn that you will figure out what works bets for you quite quickly anyway.

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