Are You Happy?

Is it possible to be happy all the time? Ever wondered about that. This actually occupies the attention of the majority of the human race, whether they realize it or not. Ever planned something expecting deep down that it would make you happy? Or finally completed a project knowing that life would be just a bit better?

I watch my dog ( I am not avoiding the question) and he is just happy. He is present, breathing in life. Check this photo I captured of him in the Colorado mountains:

If you look close you will see his eyes closed smelling the flowers. Being happy means taking the time to just enjoy being alive and in the present moment. It requires nothing more of us then to just stop, notice and appreciate life in whatever way you can.

To be happy is quite easy – just decide no matter what – when you catch yourself not being happy, STOP, focus to what does make you happy. Neuro-physiologically speaking this is what is referred to as neuro plasticity – rewiring your brain to create a new habit. In this case, you decide you want to be happy.

After all, how do you really no that if that promotion, new car, vacation will finally make you happy. It won’t unless you make the decision to be happy, no matter what. Why? Simply because you deserve to be happy and it is just a habit of attention. Putting it off reinforces the old habit of “I’ll be happy when” and it never really happens.

Take the teaching of my dog and take time as often as possible, even when something bad is happening to choose to be happy even in the midst of that and you will begin to create the long term habit of being truly happy (independent of outside circumstances). In the words of Bob Marley – “Don’t worry, Be Happy”.

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