Using Snowboard Bindings with Skiboards – Do they Perform?

We get a lot of questions on using snowboard bindings with skiboards – do they perform? How do snowboard bindings compare to ski boot bindings in terms of performance? When customers are using their own snowboard bindings, the edging control can be less than desirable which is why we created the Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit. This kit adds great retention and includes the Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit which is absolutely essential for proper height so snowboard bindings don’t catch on the ground when carving.

The better option is to use our Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings or the even higher performance

Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings Skiboards
Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings for Skiboards

Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings. These both include the Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit. These bindings were created by us to deliver the performance required for aggressive skiboarding. Three padded buckles for retention and with the Custom Pro DS, a partial wrap around cuff at the top for even more retention as well as a stiffer construction.

To answer the question then, the Technine Snowboard Bindings do rival the performance of Ski boot bindings. Drawbacks are that these don’t release upon falling and they take a little more time to put on and off. Other than that you do get the comfort of using snowboard boots. Aside from that it becomes a matter of personal preference – some like the option of ski release bindings and using ski boots, especially comfortable ones like the Alpina XTrack 70 boots.

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