Summit Skiboards 106 cm Rocker – Personal Review

Product Test: Summit Skiboards 106 cm Rocker – Personal Review. These Summit Skiboards were mounted with Atomic M10 Release Bindings. Having not ridden these before production I had some trepidation about whether these would perform as we had designed them. It was at Wolf Creek, a powder day with 10″ fresh on top of a 4 foot base, that I got to ride them for the first time.

Snapped in, grabbed the lift and there I was at the top ready to ride down.

Initially, as with any new skiboards, it took just a little getting used to the length, sweet spots and conditions. Didn’t take long (actually about 50 feet) and here was my experience:

OMG! These are so smooth and just handle powder so effortlessly without leaning back. They are also fast turning due to rockered tips. I was truly impressed with how easily they turned, how smooth a ride on the long groomed and in moguls, in short a delight to ride. Super quick, yet quick turning, I was so happy to ride these new skiboards. I was also relieved that all our design work paid off. If you want something that turns on a dime, rides powder with ease, flies down the groomed runs with such a smoothness and stability and will tackle anything on the mountain, these are a amazing choice.


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