Summit Rocker Invertigo 118 – Wow!

Summit Invertigo Rocker 3D 118cm Skiboards 2018

Blue sky, powder day at Wolf Creek, CO on Summit Rocker Invertigo 118 – Wow!. Must say I was a bit nervous. See I rode a somewhat similar prototype last season and created these from my experience as well as some complicated math. Anyway, you never know how something will perform when the products arrive for the season.

First, it was a 24″ base with 6-8″ of powder. Perfect conditions for testing the Rockers. I thought it might take a few runs to get used to them but nope – right from the first 10′ I was immediately comfortable with them. I had a huge smile on my face coming down the first run a semi-groomed run. Wow these really carve, feeling more like 99’s than 118’s. Yet fast, and so stable at speed. Amazingly smooth.

So I went on to try steeps, moguls, deeper powder, everything the mountain had to offer. The Rockers were superb, even better than I had planned for. In deeper snow, they ride up like a rocker would be expected to. I could not get enough, skipped lunch and just kept riding. One thing also noticeable was the numerous sweet spots in these skiboards, due to the rockered tips and tails and cambered mid-section. Super fun with a lot of riding styles to explore. Bottom line: I love these! I feel from my testing, these are truly an all-in-one skiboard, comfortable anywhere on the mountain and in any conditions. These have got to be the most fun ski in the summit arsenal.

Can’t wait to get up there again.

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