Skiboards – Break Out of the Conventional and Express Yourself

Skiboards – Break Out of the Conventional and Express Yourself. You know, lessons, poles, traveling with all that equipment. Skiboards are very much under the radar with most retail store sales people clueless when you ask about them. Fun is what it’s all about, not rules. Break out of the old ways and treat yourself to the experience of liberation that skiboards can provide. Be on the vanguard of something new.

Those who’re often interested in trying skiboards are usually, I find, individuals who aren’t driven to fit into existing social structures. They love trying new things and don’t allow fear (or what others think) to stand in their way. Carl Jung calls it individuating or becoming your own person. Abraham Maslow calls it self-actualizing. This is that natural, inherent tendency to become the unique individual that you are.Irrational Man 2015 film trailer

What I find even more interesting is that many new skiboarders share that they do have to overcome the opinions of others, not to mention the resistance often met with at the ski resort rental shops. In spite of this, they follow their inner promptings and discover the secret. While conventional thought often can be a deterrent to exploring something new, be it skiboards or whatever, breaking out of these patterns helps you to step ‘out of the box.’

Breaking out of conventional thinking regarding how we should ride the slopes, we can all continue to spark our natural playful instincts. Experimenting, trying new things, seeing what is truly possible and exploring our limits, that is what skiboarding is about. I personally was truly amazed when I discovered that riding through the moguls backwards was now possible.

(Excerpted from Instant Skiing, Instant Fun: Skiboards – Best Kept Secret on the Slopes ) by Doc Roberts, PhD.

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