On Skiboards Skaters Rule the Slopes

It’s true – On Skiboards Skaters Rule the Slopes. I’m a life long skater. I first strapped on a pair of skates when I was 4 and have loved skating ever since. My parents met skating, I met my wife skating, my son’s both skate — you get the idea.

Along came skiboards! I first tried skiboards in early 1997 along with a fellow skater. I was a skier for 22 years but never really felt any similarity between skates and skis. One run, wow, that’s all it took. Both of us knew immediately that we had found our winter sport. It felt like skating on snow, turning spinning, backwards, anywhere I wanted to go. I chucked my skis that very day.

I couldn’t help but tell people in my skate club. It wasn’t soon after that fellow club members were remarking similarly exhilarating experiences. Skiboards are fast to learn (even faster for skaters), outrageous fun, right from the start and will awaken those feelings of pure freedom and joy usually only known by expert snow riders, and all this within a matter of days, not years!

Here is the deal with skiboards. If you skate or have ever skated, you have absolutely got to try skiboards as soon as possible. These are remarkably similar to skates in the way they handle. So much so, that even someone who has never been on the ski slopes will be able to ski within 3 runs or less and quickly move to advanced runs in just days. This is unheard of in the world of snow riding.

Skiboards redefine what is possible on the slopes. As a skater, all your skills translate directly to the snow. It’s just like skating on snow, forwards, backwards, in the air, spinning, and going anywhere you choose, all the while with a huge and ever growing grin on your face. Just talk with skaters who skiboard and they will tell you.

Don’t let the looks of skiboards fool you. Though short, ranging from 65cm to 125cm, skiboards will easily blast through powder, hold an edge on ice, and take you to new heights on the mountain, including those elusive (until now) glade runs, a best kept secret by those skiboarders who really know. Skiboards handle more like a combination of skates and snowboards. Imagine being instantly great on the slopes – cause that is what it is like for skaters. Instantly great!

Back in 1997, I decided to post a small website to spread the word. I called them ‘powderskates’ because riding skiboards felt exactly like skating through powder. Nothing compares to floating through fresh powder! The response to my small website was overwhelming, literally! This name soon evolved into skiboards. While started from a computer at home, the business quickly expanded outside the house and has been growing ever since.

It’s not just me who can’t help but share my passion for skiboarding. Our customers too can’t help but tell their friends and family and of course, the many who are curious at the mountain! Skiboarding continues to grow by word of mouth, based on the direct experience of those who have tried skiboards. Once is all it takes. Just check out the testimonials section and read for yourself. It has become an underground cult where those who are in the know are the only ones that can turn others on to them. A secret society really.

My recommendation – look into this, try them or buy them — you have very little to lose. And if I am right, you may well find that skiboarding has become a major passion in your life and will bring back a renewed enthusiasm for the slopes, one that you can’t wait to get back to, even if you just went yesterday. Nothing compares to the thrill of skiboarding. This is the winter sport for those who want to celebrate a day on the mountain, rather than wasting their life in lessons learning how to use cumbersome equipment.

Learn more about skiboards for skaters with buying tips.

Join me, and skiboarders all over the world who are experiencing the incredible freedom that only skiboards can provide.

Doc Roberts,

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