All About the Awesome Sport of Skiboarding

Skiboarding is one of the newest sports as compared to skiing and snowboarding and it continues to grow. Learn all about the awesome sport Skiboarding. Many still say skiboarding is the biggest thing to hit the sport of snow riding ever! You owe it to yourself to learn all about the awesome sport of skiboarding – read on. Skiboards (also sometimes called snowblades, skiblades, ski boards, short skis or miniskis) are a BLAST!

Skiboards carve like snowboards, ride with the freedom of inline skates, totally jam through moguls and turn the black diamond glade runs into a playground, not to mention all the tricks and jumps you can pull off in the terrain parks. Skiboarding is the perfect cross-over sport for roller bladers and skaters as well as for skiers and snowboarders. It is extremely easy to learn – all you need is your ski boots and a desire to experience an exciting new adventure. Chuck the poles! Skiers, skaters, bladers, snowboarders – listen up – you already have the necessary skills to do this. You will be amazed at how fast you are up and jamming on these.

Imagine the freedom that comes with going anywhere you want, backwards, forwards, in the trees, diving off the lift chair (just kidding!). Skiers – no more worries about crossing tips or catching them on those pesky moguls. Forget all those beginner, intermediate and advanced level signs. My wife, a confirmed blue run (intermediate) skier, who would have never progressed much further without big bucks invested in lessons, was skiboarding double black glade runs after two runs !!!!!!! Doc Roberts, President, Skiboards Superstore, Inc. and skiboarder.

Here’s what others have to say about the new sport of skiboarding:

“These [skiboards] snowblades could put a major dent in the income of ski instructors. These are the easiest form of downhill snow travel to master. These enhance freedom for every skier willing to try something new. These are skiboards . . . are between 40 and 90 cm and clamp onto your regular ski boot in either releasable or non-release bindings. No need for poles; no worries about crossing skis; no need for a week of lessons… Yes, you can use poles with miniskis, but there is no need to since unweighting comes easily.”
[From “Mini Skis – The Next Type of Snowriding (?)” By Pelle Sjogren; Hyperski]

“I started down the hill, waiting for the inevitable slam. But it didn’t come. I began to carve and bank and slice. Something about this felt familiar. Then it dawned on me: I wasn’t skiing, I was skating. These little skis had jogged some hidden muscle memories. We all began experimenting with how far over we could lean in a carve. I was astonished at how well the edges held. Soon I was laying out horizontally, as if carving heel-side on a snowboard. These are a kick in the ass!… This changes the whole paradigm. This is the beginning of the future of skiing. These are fun after five minutes. We can’t stop now, this is the most fun I’ve ever had on skis.”
[From “Park Rangers” By Bill Kerig; Skiing]

“I think a year from today, our industry is literally going to wonder what’s happened. I believe the the short products are a real chance for our industry.” Brian Fairbank, president and chief executive officer of the western Massachusetts resort, Jimmy Peak, is so excited about skiboarding that he is building his area’s ski school program around them this season. “I think the most important thing about this product is that people who have gotten on them are still skiing, said Brian Dani of Bstinger, they don’t drop out of the sport. They just keep having fun.”

Statistics compiled by the National Ski Areas Association show the following:

* In the trend-setting Pacific West, skiboarders accounted for a surprising 4% of skier/rider visits.

* Males outnumbered females but only by 53 to 47 percent, making for a more even gender mix than snowboarding. * Skiboarding draws skiers, not snowboarders. Some 90 percent of skiboarders had skied before but had never snowboarded.

* A surprising 19 percent of skiboarders were between the ages of 45 and 54 – a far cry from the big air-seeking young adults that many associate with the sport.
[In “Little goes Big” published in Wintersport Business]

Want to Really Know All About the Awesome Sport of Skiboarding? Here’s the really cool thing about skiboards: The Zone!

I know skiboarders, snowboarders and other sports addicts know what I am talking about. The Zone (also referred to as Flow, Peak Experiences, Zen Mindfulness state, Cosmic Consciousness or Embodied Attention States) is that experience when you step outside your everyday sense of self, enter an expanded state of awareness where you just do the right thing without having to think about it. You can do no wrong – you know that you will land that jump, make those turns, even win a competition. These are those times when you feel most alive, at peak performance, in a flow where everything happens perfectly, and you become one with the experience itself. In these moments chills pulse up and down your spine, it all becomes totally effortless and you feel like you are floating. It is ecstatic really. That is what skiboarding is really about and it is the fastest entry into The Zone that I have ever experienced. That’s why skiboarding is catching on! That is why I am so passionate about skiboarding.

[Want to hear more about ‘The Zone’, check additional articles on the subject from this web site.]

Conclusion: Try skiboards as soon as possible! That way if you like them, you have the whole winter season to have fun. If you wait, you will regret not having tried them sooner. Skiboarding represents a significant breakthrough in what it means to be fully alive and enjoying life to the max, not to mention the side benefit of staying in great shape. My friends know that I am a true roller blading funaddict. But skiboards actually have got me excited and even, dare I say, to a higher degree than even blading. Don’t just trust my opinion, ask others who have now bought skiboards and hung up their skis and snowboards! See you in The Zone.

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