INSTANT SKIING, INSTANT FUN – Skiboards: Best Kept Secret Book – pdf


INSTANT SKIING, INSTANT FUN – Skiboards: Best Kept Secret Book – pdf by Doc Roberts, PhD., President, Skiboards Superstore, Inc. This is the first of its kind.

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INSTANT SKIING, INSTANT FUN – Skiboards: Best Kept Secret Book – pdf by Doc Roberts, PhD., President, Skiboards Superstore, Inc. This is the first of its kind. In this book, Doc shares his experience not only as CEO and President of for over 19 years, but also his extensive experience in riding skiboards as well as hearing from customers worldwide. But in addition, he offers his life’s work in guiding individuals to live to their full potential for over 30 years. Anyone, of any ability level, can learn to ski instantly AND have fun at the same time while improving their lives as a whole.

Providing the supportive research from Breakthrough Psychology and Neuro-physiology, Doc outlines the process of bypassing the typical mentalization and fears associated with learning to ski. Instead, with skiboards and knowledge of the principles of breaking through old conditioned habits and programming, you can not only learn to ski in one day or less, but have the experience of peak moments that are usually only reserved for expert skiers.

Included in this ebook are the basics of choosing the right skiboards, how to tune and maintain your skiboards, testimonials and the specific tips to handle any terrain or conditions with ease. It also includes the basics of instant skiing on skiboards, including carving, stopping, traversing, skating, moguls, glades and more. This is a must  buy if you have ever been curious about skiboarding or just breaking out of the traditional ski paradigm.

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Anyone can learn to ski instantly and have fun doing it! No longer is it necessary to lug that long, heavy equipment up to the slopes, and then struggle to make your way down the hill. Forget years of lessons or being stuck on beginner or intermediate runs. Life is too short for that. Skiboards, along with the tips offered in this Instant Skiing method, will dramatically shorten your learning curve, even for experienced skiers.

Skiboards spark a new sense of confidence, capability and joy, accelerating personal freedom and creative expression on the ski slopes. About twice the width of skis, half the length and pure fun from the very first day, skiboards feel more like skates, with similar balance and maneuverability. Being totally easy to ride, and designed to handle all terrain and conditions, skiboards will literally transform your snow riding experience.

Richard Roberts, a long time skiboarder and owner of the Skiboards Superstore, Inc. shares his discoveries regarding the essential secrets to learning to ski the natural way. Using your innate body wisdom, you can jump right into carving parallel turns, while being able to stop whenever you choose. Being able to master the equipment so quickly, instant fun becomes an everyday occurrence.

Yet, the best kept secret is that this increased frequency of peak moments begins to carryover into daily life. The simple mechanics of instant skiing ignites greater freedom, joy, creative expression, energy and a renewed vitality. Using this tool to simply enter the state of Flow or the Zone opens the door to realizing your greater human potential, on and off the slopes.

Richard L. Roberts, Ph.D., is a Human Potential Consultant and national seminar leader. He has presented his empowering seminars throughout the U.S. for over thirty years in the field of personal success, internet marketing, instant skiing, peak performance and self-actualization. He is also the founder and owner of the Skiboards Superstore, Inc. Dr. Roberts has a B.S. in Behavioral Psychology, M.S. in Vocational Counseling and Ph.D. in Human Potential Psychology.

Peak Experiences and the Art of Skiboarding

Skiboarding – Break out of the Conventional

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