Why I own and operate the Skiboards Superstore

I often ask myself why I own and operate the Skiboards Superstore am still in the business of selling skiboards, especially after 20 years, considering the trials and obstacles encountered. Plainly, it is the transformational potential that skiboards hold out to people. I’ll explain – while customers come to us for various reasons to buy or rent skiboards, whether it be to just have a more fun experience on the mountain, or to not have to lug or maneuver longer equipment, the experience is often quite similar for most. Riding skiboards changes consciousness, sometimes dramatically, sometimes more subtle. Liberation dawns, fun opens, confidence builds and our concepts of what it is to ride the ski slopes expands beyond the conventional boundaries. That to me, the breakthrough on the mountain, is what keeps my spark alive in running this business, hearing of the positive changes from skiboarders all over the world.

From my dissertation research, these breakthroughs — to more freedom, more joy, more confidence, these carry over to everyday life off the slopes. Yes, remarkably, those feelings begin to seep into everyday life, creating more freedom, more excitement at being alive, more openness to experience more in life. This was my experience as well as that of many others over the last 20 years. This is what drives this business and why we are so happy to talk with customers all over the world having similar breakthroughs.

To me, having been immersed in Breakthrough Psychology most of my life, it is the breakthroughs that keep us from going unconscious in daily life, succumbing to habits being created without our attention and from breaking free of past programming that can cause us to lock ourselves in a box, instead of opening to the fullest expression of who we are and who we can be. In some small way, I feel skiboarding can trigger these transformations.

To another awesome season for all of us,

Doc Roberts, PhD., owner of Skiboards Superstore

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