Welcome Back – the Abyss and Awakening

Welcome back ya’ll!

We’re super stoked here at Skiboards Superstore anticipating the winter season right around the corner! Our local area Wolf Creek is already open ~ whoop whoop! Who’s with us on the excitement to get out and play in the snow this year? I think we could ALL use that FLOW STATE to get into that place of pure sweet bliss & joy that getting on our skiboards ripping through powdery snow brings to our hearts and souls!

2020 – The Year of Awakening

Transformation on all levels; Life, Love, Politics & Adventure

If you’re like us, and so many others I know right now, we are all in, or coming out of, a period of transition (whether it’s something we’re consciously choosing or not – thank you Covid-19, political uprise & racial ).

This could be transition in one area of your life (like your business or career) or it could be in one or two areas, or like us, in ALL areas of your life…

Career/Business, Relationships, Friendships, Community, Health, Money, Spirituality….

When we’re in a place of transition, oftentimes we end up in what I call “The Abyss.”

The Abyss isn’t pretty, yet it’s what so many of us are experiencing right now. And it’s actually the sweet spot offered to us to WAKE UP, question our reality, and pivot, shift, or revamp what isn’t working and to awaken to our true life purpose and path.

The beauty of being in The Abyss is that THIS is the place where profound growth, change and transformation takes place. The trick of this place though is getting comfortable, with being uncomfortable.

The way we’ve been living is falling away, crumbling for many. We are dismantling one or more areas of our lives. But the NEW way of living, the NEW way of being or the NEW life that we are stepping into, has yet to come to full fruition.

So we end up in a space of darkness. Of emptiness. The unknown, and uncertainty. We know what was… will no longer be… but we don’t know yet what is to come.  You’re stepping from a place of known into a place of unknown.

You’re stepping into The Abyss…

This can feel exciting and terrifying all at once!

The Abyss is an awfully uncomfortable (sometimes incredibly painful) place to be, and I know we can all resist the s*&% out of it most of the time, which always intensifies the feelings and usually makes things worse.

Personally, it feels almost as though living in a cocoon and being on the verge of coming forth into the world; as a bright beautiful butterfly having undergone a massive transformation.

If you are in The Abyss, here are 4 tips on how to handle it when you’re IN IT!

1. SURRENDER: Get comfortable with being UNcomfortable (that’s the sweet spot for growth & transformation!)

2. TAP INTO A HIGHER POWER; whatever higher strength, energy, spirit or God you believe in ~ call on it! Trust in the divine, trust in life, and trust that if you take the leap, the next WILL appear!

3. DEVELOP A MORNING MINDSET PRACTICE. (Powerful Mindset + Gratitude) YOU are a conscious creator. If thoughts create feelings, and feelings create your reality, YOU can control how you feel and grab the reigns of your mind & your life! Combine a powerful mindset with an intentional gratitude practice and watch out…. your life WILL change. It’s a process that will unfold right before your very eyes!


The flow state is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is FULLY immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. So that means doing MORE of what you love, what brings you joy and helps you forget your worries like pulling out your skiboards and getting them waxed up and ready for the upcoming season!

Look, we’re right here with you, still in and starting to come out of our own cocoon of transformation from the catalyst of COVID. We are truly ALL in this time together!

Sending so much love to you all, you’ve got this, hang in there, and feel free to drop us a line sharing which area of your life is in transition right now. We’re here for you for all of your adventure and transformational needs!

HUGE love and light to you all,

Amy Schweim ~ Media, Marketing & Owner of Womens Radical Pursuits

Doc Roberts ~ Master Guru of Transformation & Owner of Skiboards Superstore

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