SUMMER SALE! Prices marked down throughout store.
SUMMER SALE! Prices marked down throughout store.

Summit Skiboards Trade-Up Program

Welcome to the Summit Skiboards Trade-Up Program. Trade Your Old Skiboards for a Brand New Pair of Summit’s High Performance Skiboards!

Time to upgrade to new high performance skiboards

The sport of skiboarding has evolved with the new lineup of Summit Skiboards. Send us your old, used (but functional) skiboards and for a limited time you can get up to $100 off a brand new pair of Summit High Performance Skiboards with your trade-in (depending on used skiboard trade-in condition!). This offer is only available on the purchase of new Summit Skiboards models.


Let’s say you want to buy a pair of Summit Ecstatic 99’s with Salomon Bindings. You mail us your used pair of skiboards (including bindings). We give you a credit of up to $100.00 for your old skiboards towards the purchase of a brand new pair of Summits! That means your new pair of 99’s are only $100 less.

Here’s what you do:

1. Call 800-784-0540 or email us at: and put in subject line: “Trade-Up Program”. Describe what your used skiboards and the condition of bases, top sheets and bindings. Photos attached are preferable.

2. We’ll confirm make, model and condition of your skiboards with you.

3. Mail us your old pair of skiboards.

4. Upon inspection of your trade-in, you get a credit applied to your new Summit Skiboards order. You can then either order over the phone, or if you ordered already on our website, a refund of the trade-in amount will be issued. You are responsible for shipping costs to us of trade-in pair. We provide free shipping back to you of your new pair.

5. Enjoy the smooth stable ride of a new pair of Summit Skiboards and experience the mountain like never before!

Certain Limitations Apply:

• Your trade-in must be in ride-able condition (not broke or defective enough to not be able to ride on the mountain). All trade-in’s must come with bindings that work.

• If we receive a trade-in that is sub-standard and can’t really be ridden, we’ll contact you to return them. If condition is worse than described, we’ll contact you with the trade-in value we can offer. Make sure we have your phone number and email in the package with your trade-in skiboards. You will be responsible for return shipping if you want us to return them to you.

• If you question whether your old trade-in skiboards will qualify, make sure to send us a photo of tops and bottoms with accurate description to:

• No returns on merchandise purchased through this trade-up program. Exchanges may be acceptable depending on circumstances.

• All Summit Skiboards still fall under the standard warranty period from time of purchase.

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