Snowboard Bindings and Performance on Skiboards

Snowboard Bindings and Performance on Skiboards. No question that snowboard boots are simply more comfortable than ski boots, except perhaps our Alpina Ski boots. There is no question that ski boots and skiboards provide great performance, especially with the higher quality models like Summits. However, we are constantly asked about the difference in performance. So here is the best we can say so far.

Skiboards with 4 stainless steel inserts can accommodate any snowboard bindings. Yet, a riser kit is necessary to give proper elevation so the bindings don’t catch when carving. Our new Summit Riser Kit serves that purpose. So snowboard bindings will now work on skiboards.

Yet, do they perform as well as skiboard-specific non-release or ski bindings? While we have heard from some of our customers, we are still reserving our opinion until we hear from more. Not everyone rides the same – some like aggressive lay-it-over carves, others like playing in the parts, others having fun in the trees and bumps. What we have heard so far though is that using snowboard boots with skiboards is very comfortable. We do know that the Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings perform great. This aluminum binding features 3 straps, a wrap around cuff at the top and Summit Riser Kit beneath.

What remains to be seen is if the riser takes some getting used to for those who are already riding skiboards with alpine bindings. The riser gives “1 ″ rise. Typically we don’t recommend risers with alpine bindings, however this is a unique situation. Those of you who have already ridden skiboards and now ride skiboards with snowboard bindings and boots, let us know what you think. Our sponsored rider loved them (having ridden them with snowboard bindings). We always appreciate more feedback.

One more thing. If you are just looking for an easy day of cruising, playing on the slopes, maybe hanging with the kids, these skiboards with snowboard bindings will be fine. However, what remains to be seen is if these will stand up and perform for aggressive riders. We believe they will, but we would like to hear more.

Lastly, keep in mind that snowboard bindings require 2 leashes – one for each foot – and do not release in a fall. Though skiboards are shorter than skis or snowboards, there is always a chance of injury with non-releasing bindings. For those pioneers who have made the switch, happy trails, you on the leading edge of a whole new riding technology.

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