Snowblades – Big on Fun And Super Easy

Snowblades – Big on Fun And Super Easy. Snowblades are short, one per foot, that make skiing a breeze. Snowblades, technically called skiboards officially, is a term first coined by Salomon Sports. Salomon snowblades came out early in 2003 with many innovative models mirroring some of the start-up companies such as Line, Canon, Klimax and Groove. Salomon saw the new trend of skiboarding or snowblading as a way for many people to start enjoying the slopes immediately without the hassle of years of lessons. In fact, snowblades made it easy for anyone, even beginners to get right up and start having fun without lessons. Snowblades were constructed to be light on your feet with twin tips so you can ride backwards or forwards with ease. Nice design. Then, Salomon added integrated bindings to fit all regular ski boots that were adjustable. In the beginning years, most snowblades were made with non-release bindings.

Snowblades being quite short (75cm up to 99cm in the beginning) do not tweak the knees or legs as those ‘long sticks’ do. You fall, you get back up, as the bindings do not come off. More like falling on skates actually. Made for adult riders, Salomon also produced snowblades for kids called Groms which were 65cm. I started my son on Salomon Grom snowblades. Since he was a skater, he took right to it and has loved skiboards (or snowblades) ever since.

Salomon Snowblades Miniverse
Salomon Snowblades Minimax

Pictured are some of the models that had adjustable non-release bindings. Salomon made a lot of different models in the many years they produced snowblades. Mostly their models centered around 90cm and 99cm, the most popular sizes. However, in about 2007 they came out with a 120cm length model of snowblades with release bindings. These were twin tip and quite fun.


Salomon Snowblades Minirace

Around this same time they began to produce snowblades with release bindings for their 99cm model. These came with Salomon ski bindings. Release bindings offer of course even greater safety than regular non-release bindings. In addition, they are safer than skis with release bindings. Bindings were adjustable so they would fit a variety of ski boot sizes.

Greater safety, ease of on and off but does add slightly to the weight. However, still so much lighter and easier than other skis. In fact, it was really Salomon who began the trend to mounting skiboards with release bindings. Today, this are usually the boards of choice.

Snowblades are so easy to ride. Most beginners can ride the ski slopes right from the first day, without lessons. Poles are unnecessary as snowblades don’t require you to be in a forward lean position, but rather an upright position. You don’t really need poles to pick your turns. You turn extremely easy and can stop fast when you choose. Snowblades are great confidence builders. Imagine riding the slopes without fear, knowing you can ride anywhere on the mountain and get down so much easier than skis or snowboards.

Snowblades were popular in their time though Salomon no longer makes them. However, you will find them in many ski resorts in their rental shops. Make sure you try a pair if you haven’t. They are so much fun and a totally different snow riding experience. We offer many different varieties of snowblades (actually skiboards) on our website, If you want to try before you buy, you can use our rent by mail program. Do it sooner than later as you may be delightfully surprised and want to do more of it as soon as possible.

Doc Roberts, President, Skiboards Superstore, Inc.

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