Skiboards Spring 2019 Giveaway!

This winter has been nothing but EPIC and abundant with POWDER in CO! We’ve been out playing hard here at @skiboardssuperstore and hope you have been too!
Last week in Durango, Colorado, we received 3 feet of white fluffy powder to ski. The town nearly shut down and the energy was buzzing with joy and excitement! We’re still amped up from that bliss and excited to offer you, our cherished fellow skiboarders, a little perk for your support at Skiboards Superstore!
So….. We’ve got a little Giveaway ready for you. How to win? 
Share with us your amazing videos, photos, and testimonials of you, either shredding on your Skiboards, or writing about your experience shredding on them!

Submissions & giveaways
Check out our Skiboards clothing at the store @
Email us at to let us know when your video is ready to submit and we will send you the link to upload! Only high quality action videos riding your cherished skiboard please!
  • Video Testimonial = free Skiboards hoodie!
  • High quality video 5 minutes + = chance to win a free pair of Skiboards!
Reviews & Testimonials
High quality & well written! (Short paragraph)
*Please include which skiboard you are writing about! 
**IMPORTANT! International submissions will receive our ebook, “Instant Skiing, Instant Fun!” check out the book @
  • Post quality review/testimonial on website = free Skiboards long sleeve shirt
  • Email us a review/testimonial = free Skiboards T-shirt

Post review to

Email review to

Happy Adventuring and Shredding on the slopes!
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” ~Helen Keller

1 thought on “Skiboards Spring 2019 Giveaway!”

  1. I love my new summit 118 ski boards. They are easy to ride with a love and soft control. I would love a chance to win a free pair of ski boards, so I can have another pair to shred with in the Moutain. Ski boards have made skiing fun again for I have been skiing since I was 4 years old and i am 34 years old now. I did take 4 seasons off from skiing and then end of summer 2018 I started to remeber how much fun I had skiing on skiboards in 2000. I started to do a lot of research on ski boards, watching videos, U tube videos, and doing some reading. I finally found and did research on the brands. I ended up getting the Summit Rocker/Cambers 118 Invertgos.These skis have made skiing fun again and so much fun that I am starting to adventure into back country and taking courses in Avalnch saftey.

    People call them my Baby skis and I love them. Have been telling everyo e where to get them.

    Thanks for everything and I hope you enjoyed my story.

    I am not that teck stavey so I wanted to type this instead.

    Thank you for listening,

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