Skiboards – like Skates on Snow – Buying Tips

Skiboards – like Skates on Snow – Buying Tips for beginner to advanced riders. Originally designed by skaters in the late 90’s, skiboards (sometimes called skiblades or snowblades) were made to transfer skater skills directly to riding on the ski slopes. These are an easy transition because the balance, stance, feel are quite similar to skates – roller skates, inline, hockey and ice. Imagine being good on your first day at the ski resort! Not even just good, but doing things on the slopes you could never imagine doing on long skis or snowboards even as an experienced rider.

Skiboards are shorter, shaped more like roller skates with deep sidecuts or some models are more like inline or ice skates. These can be used with ski boots or snowboard boots – poles not necessary. On the flats you can just skate!! Seriously great workout but you weren’t even notice because you are having so much fun.

My name is Doc. I started out of my passion for skating in 1996. When I first discovered skiboards, I was blown away. I went up to the mountain with one of my skating buddies one day, not really knowing what to expect. I was a skier prior but there was no translation from long skis to my true passion – skates. One run! I found the freedom and joy of skating transferred right to the ski slopes! I was immediately hooked on skiboards which led me to start my company so I could let other skaters know about these. Unlike long skis and snowboards, skiboards (there are two just like skates) one for each foot. These maneuver quickly with fast turns and stops like on skates, spin around, ride on one foot, go backwards – all become super easy with any degree of skating skills. Literally, on skiboards, skaters rule the slopes!

Want to try them out first? Try our rentals by mail program first. We have many of our models available for rent.

Otherwise, read on and learn which skiboards may be best for your experience level and depending on what you want to do on the ski slopes. Note that many of these models can be used with ski boots (check out our Alpina boots for comfort) or snowboard boots with snowboard bindings (check out our Custom Pro Technine Snowboard bindings).

Beginner Skater with no Ski Slope Skills:

  • Summit Easy Rider 79
  • Summit Sk8 96
  • Summit EZ 95
  • Head 94


A Good Skater but mostly a beginner to skiing

  • Snowjam 75 or 90cm
  • Elan Freeline 99
  • Summit EZ 95
  • Head 94cm
  • Snowjam 99cm
  • Summit Easy Rider 79

A Good skater with previous ski or snowboard skills:

  • Summit Ecstatic 99
  • Summit Sk8 96
  • Summit Groovn 106
  • Summit ZR 88

Advanced Skater and Intermediate to Advanced Ski Skills:

  • Summit Carbon Pro 99
  • Summit GroovN 106
  • Summit Carbon Pro 110
  • Summit Invertigo 118


ripping on inline skates just like skiboards


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