Salomon Snowblades – Super Fun, Super Easy to Ride

Years ago, Salomon introduced their Salomon Snowblades – super fun, super easy to ride – with ski boot bindings. This made a splash on the slopes as people struggling with longer skis, not having a good time and ready to quit came back to the ski slopes because it was just plain fun. Salomon Snowblades were shorter than skis, maxing out at 99cm with some of their models in the 85cm to 90 cm range. They also created a kids snowblade called the Grom at 61cm.

Salomon Snowblades Minimax 99 cm Skiboards USED w. Non-release ski boot bindings blue/red
Salomon Snowblades Minimax 99 cm Skiboards USED w. Non-release ski boot bindings blue/red

Salomon spent a few years experimenting with various models and bindings. Finally in the years before they stopped making them, they began mounting their snowblades in 90cm and 99cm models with ski release bindings. This was the beginning (along with Head’s 94cm skiboards) for skiboards to be mounted with ski bindings. This made skiboards into one of the safest riding tools on the slopes,  safer than anything else on the mountain.

How are snowblades different from skiboards or skiblades? Matter of words really. Officially these are called “skiboards” but various other words are used including ski blades, ski boards, snowblades, sno blades, short skis, fun skis, microskis and many more. From our perspective at Skiboards Superstore, we know what you are talking about, no matter what you call them. Fun and enjoyment of life in the mountains is really what is about and what you want to call them matters little really.

More about Salomon Snowblades: constructed with foam cores rather than wood cores, this made them lighter, yet also with a tendency to wobble at speed. Since this time, the manufacturing and design of skiboards have come a long way. Now models like the Elan Freeline 99 or Snowjam 99cm offer wood cores, better construction and much better performance than the original Salomon Snowblades. These don’t chatter like the original snowblades and come with release bindings for improved convenience and safety.

Visit our Skiboards University for more detailed information on skiboards or snowblades.

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