Original Kneissl Big Foot Skiboards New


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This is the original pair of Big Foots, the ones that started the whole sport of skiboarding. When these first came out, Kneissl sold 1 million pairs. Many of the old timer skiboarders started on these. A true classic. These original kneissl Big Foot Skiboards New are the original black with pink highlights, including non-release bindings that fit ski boots. Leashes included. These are  68cm length.

NOTE: These are new and have not been ridden but very slight discolor area on one base – this was normal for these back in the day.  

These is a left and right foot – note the toes. These are truly a collector’s item that date back to the 80’s.

Bindings have heel lever to clamp on ski boots. Note these are non-release bindngs so don’t release if you fall.

Big Foot Skiboards Carry Bag

Note these also include a new Kneissl Big Foot Carry Bag.

Big Foot Color: Black/pink; white bases

Steel edges on sides. Back is flat, fronts lift off the snow.

No warranty available.


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