Atomic MaxiCarve Original Skiboards


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Yep the original skiboards made by Atomic way back when before the beginning. We have held on to these in our warehouse until now. You can own the original, brand new Maxicarve skiboards made by Atomic. Also referred to as Figl’s, these were made for mountain climbers in the winter so they could put them in their backpack when climbing and then ride down from the top! Thick full wrap 360 Rockwell steel edges, Atomic logo on gloss top sheet, p-tex extruded base, all in a super short package. These do have some nicks on them but otherwise in great shape overall. These are a true classic for collectors as well as those who want to experience how nimble these are on the slopes. These are actually the first skiboards ever made though they did not call them skiboards at that time. These were featured sometime in the 80’s!

Great fun for all levels and ages.

Color: Yellow/black with black bases.

Bindings: Can be mounted with ski bindings or put on your wall.

Made in Austria.

Specs: length: 63 cm; 95/95/90 mm tip/waist/tail. Curved front tip, rear is flat with thick aluminum edge in back.


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