Kids Cheer On Rad Dad As He Skis North America’s Tallest Sand Dune

Kids Cheer On Rad Dad As He Skis North America’s Tallest Sand Dune

470 feet of fun.

Skiers tend to talk a lot about snow, which makes sense when you think about it because, without a helping of powder from Mother Nature, skiing isn’t possible.

Or, it isn’t possible unless… you’re willing to try sand dune skiing (or rock/asphalt/rock skiing, but, as you can probably guess, all of these options are less than ideal).

Watch as Youtuber Cam Good Times shreds an enormous sand dune in Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, Idaho.

Bruneau Dunes, shown in this video, is home to North America’s tallest, single-structured sand dune, clocking in at an impressive 470 feet tall. While you can show up with ski boards like Cam Good Times, the Bruneau Dunes Visitor Center also offers sandboard rentals.

Now, this might be a depressing thought, but with climate change doing its thing, I wonder if this is what the potentially less-snowy future of skiing will look like

I can see the headlines and developments now. “Vail, Desperate To Continue Offering The Ski Resort Experience, Constructs A Chairlift At Bruneau Dunes.” Sand skis explode in popularity, and the Saharan desert, once the last place you’d associate with skiing, becomes a sand dune shredding resort destination.

Although, I suspect that if winter does get properly nixed in the next 50 to 100 years, alpine skiing will probably just get dumped in the dustbin of history. While sand skiing looks like a fun diversion and somewhat analogous to the real thing, I imagine hiking a dune for a few hours would get boring fast. Surfing sounds like a better alternative to me.

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