Most Embarrassing Long Ski Moments

My first time out, ever. My girlfriend (now my wife) took me to a small ski hill near where her parents lived and we now live – Table Mountain, N.Battleford, SK, Canada. Me, learning to ski, borrowed a lovely, very old, one piece ski suit. After taking a lesson and having a bite to eat at the, I use the term loosely, “chalet”, we went on a back trail with very little incline so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Unfortunately, the food from the “chalet” started to take effect and I just had to stop to relieve myself. Struggling to get out of the suit, I squatted and took care of business. We got back on the trail and continued to the bottom when my girlfriend couldn’t understand the smell around me. On closer inspection, I guess as I squatted I didn’t entirely miss the hood of the suit. Needless to say, that sucked and the suit was never seen again.

SK, Canada

My suckiest moment ever was two years ago on Dec. 28 at around 2 P.M. or so. Being by my self, due to my friends broken binding, I was on the new high speed quad at Sunrise. I was with some cute girls and we got to know each other a little. As we got off the lift one of the girls bumped me, and little did I know that the strap on the pack I was wearing was loosly attached to the chair. The bump threw me off balance and I fell. The chair began to turn to go back down the mountain, pulling me with it. While about 6-7 ft in the air on the way back down, no thanks to the lift operator, my strap broke and I fell face first into the snow and began to roll down the run right below the lift. Some of the people were concerned while most laughed and shouted at me. After I stopped approx. 30 ft down the run the girls I rode up with came to see if I was alright. The one that bumped me helped me back down the mountain and can you believe it, I ended up taking her on a date!


My suckiest moment was about 7 years ago at Waterville, NH. I was 7 years old. My dad took me down the double black diamond moguls. It was my first time and I didn’t have a clue how to turn or stop. I went over the first one which wasn’t bad but when I went down I slammed in to the second one and shot up like 7 feet in the air. I came down backwards and slammed my butt straight in to the ground (which wasn’t pleasant), then I rolled down backwards into a group of “learn to ski people”. They all fell. Then my ski’s popped off finally which hit the people. One of them got really hurt from the ski of mine. She only rolled down the hill a few feet but screamed like she was falling off a cliff. Then everything came to an end and I was wrecked along with the other people who fell. The ski patrol guy came with the sled and my dad apologized to everyone. I was wicked embarrassed when I went down on a sled when I wasn’t hurt that bad. So that’s my true story I got embarrassed and hurt.


My suckiest moment in skiing was about 7 years ago…It was a school trip…my first time on skis…EVER…. accidentally my buddy and I got on the wrong ski lift that was taking us to the ‘black diamond’…..I didn’t even learn how to get off ski lifts yet and it was a little too late… we got closer to the lift I edged off the lift and tried sliding down the little slope in front of it when my poles got stuck and instead of getting off I kept going around and started to go back down the hill….The lift guy got all mad at me he had to stop the lift and practically carry me back….it was so humiliating…but yet I still go as much as I can..and needless to stay I have learned how to get off of ski lifts.

New Jersey

I was at Jack Frost Mt. In Pennsylvania on the first weekend of February (annual ski trip) last year when the most embarrassing moment of my life happened to me. We (me and my bro) were shredding it up in the middle of the day when its the busiest and we spotted these girls on the bottom of the slope looking at us. They were older than me but younger than my brother. We skied over to them and started talking and we hung with them for a while and I was getting to know one of the girls named Kelly. We were going to go inside for some snacks so I took off my ski’s and put them on the rack on the top and headed in, that’s when some one said something about the Kelly and I turned around and someone opened the door and hit my head, I lost my footing and fell over the bench and landed on the skis and knocked over the whole rack. I felt so embarrassed I went to the car and didn’t come out until the evening.


My suckiest time that I went skiing was the worst time in complete history!!! I was about to get on a run called giant steps in Brian Head, Utah. Any ways, I was skiing alone that day so as I was getting on the lift with these really hot girls I stumbled over my skis and they asked me if I was a beginner. (major embarrassment!) But it gets worse I fell off the lift when I got off. then as I was going down I tried to do a jump to show off in front of the girls and I fell on my face and started rolling down the hill. That day I was wearing my old thermals that had a slight whole in the front so when my pants ripped well you get the picture I was so embarrassed then the next day when I was returning the ski’s I saw the girls and they walked out laughing. I was ready to die!!!


My suckiest moment was on Feb. 8th 1998 at Elk mountain. I was wearing my new baggy ski pants that were loose around my waist and I was just wearing long johns underneath. It was a warm day out and I felt like taking off my long johns and just skiing with my new ski pants. I went in the lodge and took them off in the stall in the bathroom. Then I went out and took a couple of runs. Around the 3rd run I decided to go down the Seneca witch is the slope rite under the main lift. Around 1/4 of the way down I saw a pretty nice looking jump. Then on the lift I saw these 2 beautiful girls from my school. So I thought I would really impress them. I thought I would try a 360 with a grab. I came down in full view of the girls and hit the jump. Then the next thing I know I am laying on the ground with powder all around me and my ski pants around my boots. Then the next thing I see is all the people on the lift including the girls pointing and laughing at me. Not to mention the people around me on the slope. Might I add the people pointing and laughing at me where people I knew. I got up pulled up my paints and got off the mountain as fast as I could. I thought that was the end of it but boy was I wrong. It turns out that one of the girls were a friend of the morning announcer. I was sitting in homeroom when all of a sudden he started telling the whole school about my experience on the mountain. It was the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to me. That is the suckiest moment ever not in skiing but in my whole life.


Here is the suckiest ski moment in my brief skiiing career: My first year skiing in 1995 on Copper Mountain. It is really raising my self-esteem to see gangs of 5-year olds blow a line straight down the run that I just fell, walked, and plowed down while mostly traversing! After spending 1-1/2 days wishing I was somewhere else without snow in my pants, I was finally beginning to get it.

I was cruising so-to-speak down the challenging terrain under the ‘K’ lift (don’t laugh!) and had yet to take a fall. That situation was about to change. Ahead of me about 50 yards and directly in the fall line, a female instructor was displaying the finer points of traversing to a student in a less-than-speedy fashion. I could continue on and mangle two innocent skiers plus myself, use the snowplow method to deftly manuever around them (right!), or force a fall. I went for the fall.

Unfortunately, my skis caught an edge suddenly about ten yards from them, and I performed a spectacular face-plant as I flew forward out of my skis. An intimidating gaze from the instructor along with a icy “If you need to learn to stop please do it in a ski school area!” was all my throbbing wrist and face received. No help up or “Are you ok?” just supreme humiliation on the slopes.

Sugar Land, TX

I don’t get to ski very often, but when I do, I usually make a fool of myself at least once.Ever year, i go on a ski trip with a friend’s church to Winterplace, West Virginia. It was in February of 1998 that one of my most embarrassing moments happened. I had learned to ski two months before that. I made a fool of myself then by not even knowing how to put my ski on when i took my lesson. Anyways, it was our last run of the night and we were going to check in at the lodge. We were going down a green trail called Ridge Runner that goes all the way bck to the main lodge. You can take a trail off the green that is raised 8 feet above the green. Since it was my second time ever, my friend didn’t think I would follow him on the trial in the woods. Well, I did. He stopped in front of me and since the trail was only about three feet wide, i was faced with two choices. Swerve left and possibly avoid trees but fly down the 8 foot drop or swerve right and hit many trees. I went left. Unfortunately, my leg caught a tree and I flipped down and hit the ground. My leg hurt but i was able to ski down the mountain. When I got to the lodge to check in, a bunch of people were laughing and pointing at me. I didn’t realize at first but there was a rip the size of Colorado on the back of my new ski pants. My butt was showing a bit. Luckily, I never saw those people again, BUT(no pun intended) I have been reminded many timesby my friends about the incident. Skiblades rule.

Chaleston, SC

My first time skiing, I had gotten pretty good. So after going down the bunny hill about 30 times, I decided to try out the intermediate hill…. So I’m completely terrified looking down this steep hill and I start sliding down the hill. As I’m on the brink of falling over I hit some powder, I think to myself that I’m safe. But as I’m trying to get out, a snowboarder runs into the back of me and we both go tumbling down the hill, the crappy part is, during this ordeal my pants decided that they’d fall off. At the bottom of the hill, I stand up with my pants around my ankles, everyone around starts bustin’ up, including the people in the lodge. The rest of the day, I’m known as “low-rider”.

Granite Bay, CA

The suckiest moment I have ever had on skis, was one time, I went with my girlfriend to Tussey Mountain. The conditions were excellent, and I thought it was gonna be an awesome, type of showoffy day…But I was wrong. So we strapped on our skis, and headed for the lift. We got on the lift and headed for the top. Well we finally reached the top, and I was like, “oh yeah” here we go. So we went about 20 yards, and came to an elbow, and I tried to jump off the turn onto a slope. Well I got the jump okay, but when I landed I fell on the ice, and my skis went flying. RIGHT UNDER THE LIFTS…everyone was yelling YARDSALE!

I was really embarrassed, but that wasn’t the worst…my girlfriend broke up with me…just because I made a huge fool out of myself…and she still hasn’t talked to me yet. So, everyone else that has had sucky moments, how many of you had your girlfriend say, I HATE YOU right in front of everyone. I THINK I DESERVE THE SKI BOARDS!


I’m getting off the lift at the top of the mountain at the Keystone Resort in Colorado and I notice this good looking girl three or four chairs ahead of me. Let’s just say she was a hottie and since I was alone and she was alone I figured I’d follow her and check her out. So she heads down the back of the mountain and goes down a run called Diamondback which is a easy but steep Black run. So she’s skiing and I’m checking her out ya know, and she’s looking pretty good. This is where it gets bad. I see a little lump in the middle of the run and decide to point the skis down the hill, cut in front of the girl, and TRY to catch some impressive air. Well all is going well; I fly by her with a hard swoosh which sends snow flying, then I hit the jump and its decent, I pull my knees up and hold out my poles, and I am feeling good about myself. Then I land, and due to the speed from trying to get in front of the girl I get off balance and eat some impressive snow. Then I just keep tumbling due to the speed and steepness. Well to get to the point I don’t stop till I get to the bottom, which feeds two lift lines. Can you say applause. They were impressed by the yardsale I had just pulled all over the mountain, and my shirt and jacket being pulled half way over my head. Then to top it off the girl skis up to my contorted body, puts down my skis and says, “nice form”.


My suckiest moment as a skier came when I was about 10. I was skiing with my dad and sister at Sunday River in Maine. We just got to the top of the mountain for the first time, and as I got off of the ski lift, my binding broke! I had to ride all the way back down on the ski lift and listen to people making fun of me. They all assumed that I was to scared or a chicken, when in reality, I could not help it. That was my suckiest experience as a skier.

Collingswood, NJ

I was about 8 yrs old, it was my very first year. Me and my friends had decided to go down our very first black diamond. I had to go to the bathroom real bad, but when I told them I had to they thought I was chickening out. So they made me go with them what they didnt know was that I really had to go. So we got to top started our wide “S” turns and in our snowplow positions and went down the hill. Everyone started to go faster than so I got careless and tried to catch up. I got out of control and biffed fell really hard and broke my goggles. But that wasnt the worst part, when i got up and back on my feet I felt my pants were soaked! I felt humiliated and sat in the lodge the rest of the night.

Author Unknown

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