Rad Dads Ski North America’s Tallest Sand Dune

Rad Dads Ski North America’s Tallest Sand Dune

Bruneau Dune State Park, Idaho is home to North America’s largest free-standing sand dune. At 470-feet tall, the dune is a perfect place for sandboarding and sand skiing.

Check out the video below in which Cam Good Times and friends use ski boards for a day of fun at Bruneau Dunes:

Cam Good Times“Join me as I take on this sand monster once again, and bring some skillful friends along for the ride! Check out my friend Matt’s channel! @PointBeing”

That looked like a solid day of good-hearted fun, no?

In case you were wondering, the skiers are using skiboards- a cross between ski blades and snowboards. They’re lightweight, easy to control, and sometimes utilize snowboard bindings.

They’re quirky, but obviously a lot fun when used in the right conditions (like sand!)

This is the second video of Cam Good Times skiing the Bruneau Dunes that we’ve shared here at Powder Magazine.

Check out the first video below:

Getting to Bruneau Dunes State Park is quite easy. The park is just over an hour’s drive from Boise. Sandboards can be rented from the state park for $15 daily. Two pairs costs $25 per day.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be figuring out a way to ski Bruneau Dunes with a group of buddies ASAP if I lived in Boise.

Figure it out, people. There’s sand to be shredded.

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