Jerry Feet Skiboard Ski Binding Adaptor for Snowboard Bindings


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Jerry Feet SBAs are "adapters", which are the first of it's kind to hit the modern market, and are not to be mistaken with skeletal-frame/boot set-ups that currently exist.  You can mount any pair of snowboard bindings on SBAs, using compatible screw-patterned mounting plates. This includes Step-in and Step on Bindings! Also included are Jerry Straps. When strapped in, while wearing your choice of snowboard boots, you can step into any pair of skiboards that are equipped with alpine ski bindings!

Skiboarding with snowboard boots is not a new concept, and has been around in the Skiboarding community for years. Jerry Feet offers a releaseable solution to skibioard with snowboard boots. Unlike other existing soft-boot systems on the market, the inspiration for Jerry Feet is something else!  SBA's are a pair of adapters, that allow you to mount snowboard bindings onto your skiboards so you can ride using snowboard boots with full release capability.

Whether you're;

  • an individual participating in the growing sport of skiboarding

  • a casual intermediate or aging skier with only the desire to just cruise the slopes

  • a snowboarder who enjoys switching it up with skiboards

  • a ski instructor that spends most of the day coaching on the hill

  • or simply a skier with wide/flat feet, and needs a non-painful alternative to ski boots


  1. Skiing, SBAs allow you to interchange with the same snowboard boot and binding set-up between your snowboard and skis.
  2. On the Job. If part of your mountain occupation is to stand around or be relatively stagnant for long periods during the day, you don't need to endure the discomforts in traditional ski boots.
  3. Reduction of Pain/increased comfort. Traditional ski boots may still endure fitment pain, regardless of seeking a boot-fitter, and can be unbearable to last throughout the day. Snowboard boots are cushier and more comfortable.
  4. Light weight. While weight varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, It's been of high interest for our development team to ensure that the combination of snowboard boots, snowboard bindings, and SBAs are not heavier than traditional ski boots, and are equivalent to, or lighter.
  5. Walk-ability. While SBAs are not intended to be walked around in, they are still easier to walk around the lodge, than in traditional Ski boots. SBAs are meant to stay mounted on ski bindings while you take on the ease of stairs and mobility in snowboard boots.
  6. Warmth. Snowboard boots retain heat significantly better than that of traditional ski boots.
  7. Compatible. SBAs are compatible with all snowboard bindings with mounting plates with standard 4x4 and/or 4x2 screw patterns. Allowing you a broad range of combinations with snowboard boots and bindings.
  8. Interchangeable. If you're one of many individuals who participate in both Snowboarding and occasionally

Product Features:

  • Product is sold as a pair.
  • Manufactured in quality light weight aluminum.
  • Anodized to strengthen aluminum, become more scratch resistant, and provide protection from the elements.
  • Adapters allow for more ground clearance for snowboard boots to reduce drag while engaged on a ski edge (Necessary for narrower skis).

Our SBAs are designed to provide you with the most cushiest skiboarding experience. Don't get discouraged by ski boots that don't suit your needs, consider switching to Jerry Feet S.B.A.s today!


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