Family Having Fun Again

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we really loved the skiboards and how much easier they made it for my entire family to have fun on the slopes.

Our family has always liked skiing but in general have found it to be pretty difficult to master. We are all fairly athletic but have found that the time investment it takes to become good at skiing or snowboarding is substantial. As a result we only go once or twice a year to the slopes and generally stay on the intermediate runs avoiding the steep stuff and big mogul fields. Using skiboards changed that.

As a group we all agree that skiboards are a heck of a lot easier and more fun then skis or snowboards. Within a hour of hitting the slopes at WinterPark Resort we were able to start heading down runs we never felt comfortable on before. We ventured into the trees and really started having more fun in the snow then ever before. By the end of the day we were taking on the steep mogul fields of MaryJane and having a blast. The kids really generated confidence using the boards, I had a great fun and my wife who would never go down a black run did it comfortably.

Thanks again for introducing us to these. We are sold!

Best Regards,

Jim Kelly

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